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Reasons that make tile hardwood floor a
better alternative than hardwood floors

Reasons that make tile hardwood floor a better alternative than hardwood floors

You   cannot deny the fact that a hardwood floor adds a unique welcoming ambience   to any room. However, the problem with hardwood floors is that they are   highly prone to damage. Before you even know it, there would be scratches and   other damages caused due to water. This will require you to spend additional   money on resurfacing the floor.

However, the advancements in the flooring industry have created an   ideal solution to this problem- tile hardwood floor. With this type of   flooring, you get the same welcoming ambience of a hardwood floor along with   the durability of tile floors. Let us have a look at some of the reasons that   make tile hardwood floors a better choice than hardwood   floors.


Hardwood flooring is highly prone to damages. Right from   scratches, cracks, chips, dents and wraps, to the way you clean them,   everything affects their appearance. Moreover, you will be required to clean   them regularly and reseal/refinish them in every couple of years. On the   other hand tile hardwood floors are very easy to maintain and lean. Moreover,   even when they do get damaged, you will only have to replace a single tile   and not the entire section.

Multiple Applications-  

Hardwood floorings warp when they are exposed to a lot of moisture   and start fading when overexposed to sun. As a result, you need to be very   careful because you cannot use them in kitchen, close to doors or windows.   Tile hardwood floors can be used anywhere. Right from your kitchen to even   your bathroom, sunlight or moisture will not damage them.


Hardwood floors are expensive. Moreover, apart from the hardwood   itself, you need to pay for their installation, resurfacing and normal   maintenance. While tile hardwood floors are almost the same as hardwood   floors, but their installation process is not as complicated as hardwood   floors. Moreover, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on their cleaning,   maintenance or resurfacing.


If you are looking for a unique floor pattern, hardwood floors can   prove very expensive and will also consume a lot of installation time.   However, with tile hardwood floors, the customization options are already   built in. Right from the grain, colors to the size, you can mix and match   everything to create the desired look.

Nothing matches with the warmth and appeal that hardwood floors   create. With tile hardwood floor, you get the same appearance and feel of   hardwood floors with a number of additional features. Transform the look of   your floors with tile hardwood floors and pick the perfect long lasting   alternative that you always wanted.