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Coffee Table Set

Coffee Table Set

Another point to consider is how many pieces you should get in a   set.  If you follow a few interior   design tips, you can easily figure out how many parts to get.

When you have a smaller space it is important to combine multiple   uses in one area.  In order to   smaller spaces are best for nesting tables. Here   you can slide a table or two under a main table when you are not using   it.  In this case you need a set of two   larger or three smaller nesting tables.

An important interior concept that you should consider is   balance.    It is common to find a coffee table with two matching end tables.  This is because if each side of a sofa has   the same side table that goes with the coffee table, you create a comfortable   balance in the room.  For this reason,   most coffee table sets are designed in three parts.  When opting for a traditional seating area,   choose a style that offers visual balance, like the matching coffee table   with two end tables.

You can still find sets with just two   pieces. These sets are a great way to keep your total cost   down.  It is common to see the larger   of the tables next to the smaller of the tables in front of the sofa.  You can create a few   unconventional geometry This way the space stays   more open due to the gap between the tables.

You can also put the smaller table aside.  It is common to find this placement in more   artistic and geometric styles as this look goes for artistic and fun   placements rather than the traditional idea of ??visual   balance.

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