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Creative and Fun Bed Ideas for Children

Creative and Fun Bed Ideas for Children

One of the best ways to save space when buying multiple cribs is   to go for a bunk bed configuration.    This configuration usually consists of a bed stacked on top of one   another, but it actually does exist different types of bunk   beds that work for children.

Do you have two children of the same age?  => Twin over twin

The most common bunk bed, a double bed over two single beds, is   designed for two children of similar size or age and consists of a single bed   on the upper floor and another single bed on the lower floor.  This configuration works for many families   and as an added bonus When the time comes to upgrade, you can   use the two twin mattresses to form a king.

Is one child a little older than the other?  => Twin Over   Full

Another option when buying bunk beds in double rooms over full.  In this configuration, the upper bunk is a   double mattress while the lower bunk is a slightly larger full mattress.  This design works best when there is one   older or older child who shares the room with a smaller   sibling. An important note for this option is that the top   bunk is the smaller bed.  It is   therefore important that the younger or smaller child can comfortably climb a   ladder safely to their bed.

Are you looking for a bunk bed for a couple of   teenagers?  => Full over full

The largest option for bunk beds is the full-over-full mattress on   the upper bunk and a full mattress of the same size on the lower bunk.  These are best for older children   who need extra spaceHowever, it is important to note that with   additional sleeping space, additional used space is also added in the room,   as the configuration is completely over complete takes up 40%   more space than the twin above the twin.

Is the room used both for entertainment and for   sleeping?  => Futon bunk   bed

Futon bunk beds have a double mattress on the upper floor and a   convertible futon mattress on the lower floor.  The futon mattress on the lower bunk can be   adjusted to a 90 degree angle as well used as a couch to watch   TV or play games.  Later   the futon mattress can be designed as a secondary   bed in the room.  If two   children share a room and spend a lot of time in their room in front of a TV,   a futon bunk bed may be the best crib for a child.