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The various wooden flooring types you can
chose from

The various wooden flooring types you can chose from

Choosing   the right wooden flooring types is not just about appearance alone- there are   a number of factors that you need to consider. Everyone wants an affordable,   durable and long-lasting flooring solution- but this varies depending on your   usage, conditions and personal preferences. Knowing more about the available   flooring types will help you make a better decision.

Solid and engineered wooden   flooring

Solid wooden flooring is one of the most popular and impressive   looking of wooden flooring types in the market. It can last for several   years, but requires regular maintenance. These can be used in areas of high   traffic areas, since they are highly resistant and durable. Additionally,   this kind of flooring is also more expensive than other   alternatives.

Engineered wooden floors are those that come from wood veneers,   either from the same or distinct species. This type of flooring can be easily   refinished and sanded. This, however,  can vary depending on the top   layer’s thickness. These can be installed below, above and even on   grade.

Finished and unfinished wooden flooring  

All kinds of wooden flooring will need a finish- for this coat   helps protect your floor from daily wear.  Unfinished wooden flooring is   wherein your installer sands the wood, and the finishing is done on the site   of installation. If you want a specific pattern or color of wood, then this   is the right option. In factory-finished wooden flooring, the finishing is   done at the facility of the manufacturer. The installation time in this case   is significantly decreased, and the floors are ready for use almost   immediately after they are installed.

Laminated flooring

While this is not strictly a wooden floor, but their close   resemblance makes them fall into this category. Laminated floors are a   popular choice for those who want an affordable flooring solution, since not   only is the cost of the material not very high, but it can also be installed   without any professional help. There is no need for any nails, glue or slots   during installation and it can replicate solid wood to quite an extent- in   fact, you cannot make out the difference by just looking. It is also quite   easy to maintain, requiring just a simple wipe or clean

Finding the right wooden flooring types is something that you must   not do based on single factor or preference- a significant investment of time   as well as money goes into flooring. Making sure that you are taking an   informed decision is the only way you can avoid wasting all of   it!