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Why formica flooring may just be what you

Why formica flooring may just be what you need

Affordable,   easy and quick

When it comes to a flooring option that is not just affordable,   but also looks great, is easy to install and can be done without any   professional help in a short duration, the laminate flooring, and in   particular formica flooring, is amongst the top choices. Formica is a   material that can cater to both retail and commercial spaces- being the ideal   choice for those floor installations where time is a constraint. Formica   laminates are amongst the most used of laminate flooring due to a number of   advantages that they offer such as the ones given ahead.

What you gain with formica   flooring

One of the biggest advantages, as you read above, that comes with   formica floors is that installation is relatively quick and does not take a   lot of effort. Apart from that, this particular flooring type is also   resistant to scratches and impact- especially with comparison to other   laminate floors. This is one of the reasons as to why formica floors are   highly sought after in areas where there would be heavy foot-traffic, such as   departmental stores, restaurants and retail shops amongst others. You can   easily get formica flooring with manufacturer warranty for as long as 10   years!

One of the biggest advantages that come with using formica   flooring is that it does not have any defects- something that is rare in   other options, including hardwood. It can also be installed in places such as   kitchens and bathrooms, where high moisture can be there on the floors.   Cleaning up formica floors is also quite a simple task- all it takes is a   broom or vacuum- no special floor waxes required. It will also resist stains,   and in case it is not able to, then cleaning it off will not be a   problem!

The problems with having formica   floors

While formica is water resistant to a large extent, it will not be   able to work well with standing water puddles (but then again, neither can   most of the other flooring options). As it is with other laminates, it will   be hard, though the foam underneath will dampen this effect. If you look at   formica floors in home from a resale point of view, then the resale value   will not be much- especially in comparison to hardwood   floors.

However, most of these issues are something that can be taken care   of. Overall, formica flooring can be a great choice of floor laminates for   you, especially if you need tough floors that can withstand high intensities   of traffic all day long.

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