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Choosing the right bedroom colour ideas
  for your bedroom

Choosing the right bedroom colour ideas for your bedroom

The bedroom is beyond any doubt one   of the most important living spaces in a house. It is where we refresh   ourselves, spending around eight hours of every day in that one room.   Although you may be asleep for most of that time, it is still the room, where   while lying down on your bed you float in the dream world you create around   yourselves and wake up the following morning, so its design and decoration –   from the bedroom furniture, to the colour scheme on the walls and bed itself   – can play a crucial part in altering your mood, emotions and feelings over   time.

Therefore, it is of   critical importance to take time in selecting a bedroom colour scheme, based   on our personal tastes, style and preferences. However, other factors which   may play an important role, are the bedroom’s size and the style of the   bedroom furniture.

Here are some bedroom   colour ideas to help you select the appropriate colour   scheme:

Colours of different hues   and energy

Colours can influence your   mood, so it is important to choose a bedroom colour scheme based not only on   what colours you like but also depending on what suits you as an   individual.

For example blue can be a   very soothing colour, so it might be more of a preferred option if you want   somewhere that is truly relaxing and will make you feel at   ease.

Pinks and reds are more   fun, romantic and playful. Whereas yellows and oranges, are inviting and warm   colours.

Neutral colours like whites   and creams are more suitable for guest bedrooms. You can find some creative   bedroom colour ideas available online.

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