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Protecting your garden through a garden
fence panel

Protecting your garden through a garden fence panel

Aside from increasing few rustic   and modern appeals to your garden, a fence for garden will provides privacy,   security and a peace of mind. It is quite important to protect your plants   and vegetables form the stray animals. Maintenance of the garden fence is   quite easy and installing of the fence is also affordable. Thus, with a   quality timber your fence will remain safe useful for many   years.

For installing a garden   fence, first of all check the title deed and you must be hundred percent sure   that your garden boundary does not belong to your neighbors garden. And   finally check the size and the boundary of your fence which will suits your garden   needs.

Types of a garden   fence

Feather edge garden   fencing- it is composed of timber vertical boards that are overlapped. This   fencing is heaviest as well as sturdiest panel type that provides an   excellent privacy and is also good for fencing.

Wane lap garden fencing-   this fencing is composed of timber horizontal boards that are overlapped. It   is also an affordable fencing which also provides a level of   privacy.

Trellis garden fencing-   this fencing can be used as a decorative panel over the top of solid fence   and as an open screening fencing.

Palisade garden fencing-   this type of fencing will provide a visibility along with best security as a   typical picket fencing style.

Garden fence posts and   height

Next to choose right fence   post and its height. Post made up of wood and concrete have its own advantage.   But it is good to work out on the length of the post before calculating the   panels.