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Which type of floor tile should i use for
  my new floor tile installation?

Which type of floor tile should i use for my new floor tile installation?

There   may come a time when you will have to consider installing a new floor in your   home or business. You of course will choose based on your own personal   preferences and financial requirements.

Choose Ceramic tile for   flooring:

The first type tile that we will talk about is called ceramic   tile. If you are going to use ceramic for your floor tile installation you   have to keep several things in mind. First of all you need to know where   ceramic comes from and what it is made of.

Ceramic tile has been manufactured from a material that has been   formed into a mold. There are different ways to mold materials into ceramic   as there are many different types of natural materials to use. It is molded   it different ways. It can be done with heat, pressure or simply allowed to   dry and harden. Ceramic tile is the least costly of the different types of   tile that you can use. It comes in many different colors shapes and forms.   You can find a wide variety of tile to use based on your own personal   preferences. You may want to use a tile which was molded into a very modern   design or you may choose to be conservative. You can do this with both shape,   color, and texture.


Whenever a tile is classified as porcelain it is because at least   half of its content is made up of a mineral called feldspar. Feldspar serves   to take on a crystallized appearance under heat and serves as a stable base   to hold all of the other ingredients together in an extra tough mixture.   Feldspar increases the durability of the tile and it serves as the best   bonding agent.

Ceramic tile can be modified in the drying process by varying   temperature and drying times to increase the variety of style and design. All   tiles can be glazed or none glazed depending on your preferences. The   advantage to using a glazed tile for your floor tile installation is that is   surfaces are not as porous as so it is more resistant to stain. Damage, and   moisture. The disadvantage of course is that it will cost   more.

Natural Stone tiles:

As far as I am concerned natural stone is the top of the line   product to consider when you choose to proceed with a floor tile   installation. The major advantage with natural stone is its toughness. When   we go on to talk about disadvantage we will have to talk about its   cost.

Natural stone tile is actually cut from existing stone in a   quarry. It is cut into the patterns or shape that you eventually purchase for   your own tile. Some of the most popular materials used are marble, granite,   and limestone. The same type stone may vary in color and appearance depending   on the area where it was taken.

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