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Radiant Sun Face Wall Decor: Bring
Sunshine Indoors

Radiant Sun Face Wall Decor: Bring Sunshine Indoors

A wall decor with a sun face gives casual living spaces such as   winter gardens, terraces and family rooms a festive and cheerful touch.  If you want to incorporate a symbolism of   happiness and brightness into your home, be sure to check out our sun face   wall decorations buying guide below!    The foyer or entryway of a home is an excellent place to set an upbeat   and welcoming tone for the entire home, and you can do it with a sun-faced   wall decoration!  In fact, it’s the   most effortless way to change the mood or feel of a room.  A sun face or a sunburst wall decoration   reflects a cohesion of modern styles and traditional designs.  As different entities multiply in the   online marketplace, you need to know all about them including their various   shapes, types, and uses.

The different forms of Sun Face wall decoration

The common shapes that have been adopted by this type of decor are   semi-elliptical, semi-circular, and full circle.  A full circle is the most ingenious   configuration as it shows the entire face of the sun with rays surrounding   the entire piece.  The semi-elliptical   shape resembles an oval shape that is divided into two parts.  The semicircular design is a full round   circle that is split in half.


Above the Sofa – The ideal placement of a sun decor wall decor is   6 to 12 inches above the top of a sofa.    Above the Fireplace – A sun-faced wall decor should be at least 6 to 7   inches above a mantle or fireplace.    For a relaxed look, the wall decor can be attached directly to the   coat and lean against the wall.    General Placement – Most homeowners love to group different sun wall   wall accessories together.  If you plan   to do this too, give each wall decor some air to breathe.  Don’t hang them too close together to make   the room feel spacious and not cramped.


Sun Face wall decoration made of metal is durable.  It can be made from pewter, sterling,   aluminum, and bronze, among others.    Depending on the details and the execution of a unit, a metal wall   decoration exudes a contemporary look.    It can even be reminiscent of a traditional ornate style.  Plastic or acrylic sun protection wall   accessories are lightweight and ideal for environments where heavy weight cannot   be carried.  An acrylic sun face can be   any color and its finish can be glossy or matte.  Now that you are ready to purchase a sun   face wall decor that will embellish your blank walls, check out your amazing   options below!

Sun Face   blackboard

Whether on an entrance console or a vanity, this wall decoration   made of aluminum with a sun and star theme is a breathtaking homage to the   always wonderful sun.  It is an outdoor   safe blackboard that is painted in dark tones with imperfections in the shape   that give this wall decor a unique hand made look.  Wall hooks are also supplied as mounting   hardware for easy installation.

Sun Face wall   decoration

If you are looking for a low key sun-faced wall decoration, this   piece from Good Directions will bring class and character to hallways,   bathrooms and children’s rooms.  It is   made of pure copper, which sets the tone of a living space while attracting   attention.  It goes best with an   enlarged black and white photo as it adds the right amount of color in a   minimalist space.

Sun Face wall   decoration

For a refined and lively feeling, hang some pieces of this sun   face wall decor on a single wall.  Some   pieces have an eclectic feel as nothing adds color and personality like a   wall full of sun faces.  Bonus: This   wall decor is easier to move around when you go to a brand new house when   compared to other types of wall decorations like framed   paintings.

Sun Face 3D wall   decoration

Corridors can be problematic.    They are long, narrow, and dark, but this sun-faced 3D wall decor can   add a bold look and style to your hallway.    Its funny poppy print with powder-coated rust-resistant stainless   steel material makes it a great addition not only for hallways, but also for   outdoor areas.  Try it out   today!

Sun face with   long spike wall decor

We have starry eyes over this handcrafted stained glass and metal   wall decor.  It illuminates any living   space with its bright colors that help make a small room feel more spacious   or larger.  Try hanging this up with an   oversized mirror so that your wall transports you to a completely different   place and time.

Rutkowski Sun wall   decoration

For those who have a deep spiritual connection with the star that   is the source of life on earth, this carefully crafted sun face wall decor   with a brilliant finish and hand painted colors can be hung on any wall as   your unconventional endorsement.  The   material is powder-coated and weather-resistant metal, which means that it   can be used as both interior and exterior wall decor.

Sun circles wall   decoration

This circular installation with sun motifs proves that being   square isn’t always trendy!  It is a   handmade outdoor decor that pays attention to proportions and size.  The result?    Harmony in terms of design.  Its   harmonious appearance not only sharpens the aesthetics of an outdoor space,   but also adds new layers of color.

This is a mysterious sun-themed wall decoration that will fit any   home and budget.  There’s no reason for   you to limit your obsession with heavenly decor, especially if this piece   adds a bit of humor to your living space that may not currently be   there.  It’s made of cast aluminum that   will stay like new for years.