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Shower & Bathtub Accessories

Shower & Bathtub Accessories

There are many ways to install your shower and bath   accessories.  This is especially true   for shower trays and baskets.  Your   bracket decision will be influenced by the item you are considering, what   style you want and how your bathroom will be used. 

Free standing caddies and baskets can   be placed in the room, in the shower or in a corner of the   bathtub.

Their portability makes them great for when several   people share a bathroom. Each person gets their own little   caddy and they can Toggle them as   needed.

Another idea is to put larger caddies in them   Corners of the room for people who keep their   bottles out of the shower so they can easily do it grab what you   need on the go.   

One possible downside to this style is that it could   Add clutter to the surface or accidentally get knocked   over.

  •     Enjoy a bit of variety?

For space-saving hanging caddies are   ideal. These should be hung on the shower head,   on the shower curtain rod or on the side of the bathtub so   that you can make the most of the space available.

Suction mounts work similarly – they   can be fast attached to tiles or glass. However,   be a little careful if you move these too often If not placed   correctly, they can fall.

With any of these options, so must you Be careful   with the weight. This is especially the case with suction cups   and hanging caddies placed on weak structures.

If you are clearly how much memory   you need and where you need it, The drilled bracket offers the   most stable solution. This is also best for   shower shelves and baskets.

With a drilled bracket you can be sure the fixture is   sturdy and able to hold multiple bottles, large ornaments, or   anything else.

The downside is that you will do permanent   changes in your bathroom.    So it won’t be easy to change your mind if you want something else at   a later date.