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Rattan Wall Decor

Rattan Wall Decor

Nowadays, many homeowners are starting to pay attention to the   interior.  The idea of ??using   decorative accents to complement the interior of the house has become very   popular.  There are many options when   it comes to accents.  However, if you   are looking for something simple, unique, and breathtaking, rattan wall decor   should be high on your list.

Why you should consider rattan décor

There are three key factors that make rattan an ideal choice for   accents in any interior.  First, you   can choose from a wide variety of designs on the market.  In addition, the unique nature of rattan   will make the perfect statement.    Rattan has the ability to add class and elegance to your home in a   subtle way.  The decor isn’t fancy, but   it’s not that simple either.  It’s the   perfect blend of subtlety, craftsmanship, and elegance.  It will rhyme perfectly with any   interior.

How to buy the best rattan wall decor

You need to take your time buying rattan decor for your   walls.  The first thing you should do   is look at the interior that you already have at home.  This will help you choose the right option   that goes with that design.  Make sure   you have also rated various decor options before choosing the one that you   like the most.  Don’t pick the first   design you come across.  Do your   homework, access a variety of designs, and try each of them.  After all, quality should always take   precedence over costs.  Rattan decor   should be an art.  Different designs on   the market vary in terms of cost and quality.    However, it is always nice to go for high quality designs, even if   they cost more.

Don’t forget about rattan furniture

Although the rattan wall decor is designed to accentuate your   interior, it goes very well with a rattan interior themed strategy.  When shopping for wall decor, also pay   attention to the rattan furniture options that are available and how they   might fit into your home.  You don’t   have to buy too many pieces of furniture.    Even a rattan chair or two with rattan decor on the walls can be good   choices.  To save you the time and   effort of finding high quality rattan decor for your walls, we’ve created a   list of 10 amazing products for you to choose from.

Shell rattan wall   decoration

This Cole & Gray Shell rattan wall decor originated in the   Philippines but is now available in many markets.  Its light weight and compact design make it   ideal for small spaces.  The product is   100% rattan accented with three different colors.  The colors include gray, red and   beige.  The decor also comes with its   own wall brackets.

Hand-woven rattan wall   decor

This hand-woven rattan wall decor is made from natural rattan   fibers.  It’s the perfect design   handcrafted by artisans.  The rattan is   carefully enclosed in beautiful fir wood frames.  The irresistible patterns of natural fibers   between each frame are traditionally bold and make the decor ideal for any   living room.

Marta rattan wall   decoration

Jeffan Marta rattan wall decor is a stylish starburst design that   can be used to decorate a variety of locations.  However, the decor is perfect for your   dining room.  Place it as part of a   chic centerpiece in the center of the dining table and marvel at the majestic   grandeur this design has to offer.

Novus wall   decoration

If you are looking for simplicity, elegance and class at their   best, Jeffan Novus wall decor design is the best option for you.  The decor has several squares that can   complement any wall.  It’s also easy to   clean and maintain.  You can easily   wipe it with a dry cloth as part of routine maintenance.

Tundra Multi-Circle   Wall Decoration

The Jeffan Tundra Multi-Circle Wall Decor is a rustic and elegant   design.  It is a multi-circle product   that is carefully and artistically handcrafted.  The product is 100% rattan.  Its simple and cozy design makes it the   perfect accent for your interior.  You   can have one for each wall for the best results.

Sovia wall decoration

The Jeffan Sovia wall decor is designed for the discerning   homeowner who has an acquired taste for the fine arts.  At first glance, the decor may look simple,   but its craftsmanship and quality become more vibrant when you combine it   with additional decor on the wall.    It’s just magical!

Sandia wall   decoration

The Jeffan Sandia wall decor is a bold round rattan design.  It’s beautiful, unique and very   natural.  This decor is mostly made of   wicker and 100% handmade.  If you are   looking for custom designs that meet the highest standards of creativity, this   is the decor for you.

Tropical   decor rattan bamboo wall mirror

Tropical Decor’s rattan bamboo wall mirror is made of bamboo size   artwork on the frames with rattan patterns cut across each frame.  The mirror also comes with a hanger and is   available in sizes 20 inches wide and 24 inches high.  The decor is made in the   USA.

MyGift   Woven Hanging Wall Mounted Basket Rustic

If you are looking for a classic rattan wall decoration in the   market, this simple basket will amaze you.    The breathtaking design also suits an outstanding application.  The basket is ideal for mail, remote   controls, magazines and even books.    You also get a reinforced frame for mounting on the   wall.

3D rattan flower   murals

The rattan flower 3D murals feature a simple rattan design that is   highlighted by bright and reflective acrylic pieces.  It can be used as a background for the   living room or any other room.  It   measures approximately 22 inches wide and 70 inches high.

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