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The Sounds of Home: Understanding
Doorbell and Chime Notifications

The Sounds of Home: Understanding Doorbell and Chime Notifications

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter whether you’re one of those people who rush to the door straight away because they love unexpected visits, or those who pretty much hide themselves because they can’t stand to be bothered when they’re busy , a doorbell is an undeniable necessity … and useful either way!

There are now many options when it comes to design, noise, and features.  With so many choices made, do you feel like it is quite difficult to choose doorbells and chimes that actually work for you?  Let’s keep up with our expert tips!

How loud should my doorbell be?

To give you a general idea, An average ringing noise produces a noise of around 70/80 dBthat will work in most homes.  However:

  • If you have one large house with more than one floor or living with someone who cannot hear well, watch out for a louder doorbell between 80 and 90 dB;;

  • If there is a certain room that is quite a long way from the main entrance and all doors are closed, you will have a hard time hearing your current doorbell. Consider combining two chimes to your push button, maybe a wireless option;

  • If you spend time in your basement or attic a lot and worry that you won’t hear it when the doorbell rings, consider models that are even louder: The carillon can be up to 140 dBHowever, keep in mind that if you are very close to the door when the doorbell rings, they are more likely to be uncomfortable and irritating.  So it is best to choose adjustable options.

What does a smart doorbell do?

A smart doorbell is connected to your smartphoneand usually contains a camera so you can see who is at your door and even talk to them;

  • Many smart doorbells contain a Motion sensor This alerts you to the presence of your visitors before they can even press the doorbell.

  • These doorbells are a popular choice among modern professionals who value goods and are used to connecting smart home appliances to their phones.

What type of doorbell or chime should I get for my house?

In addition to their obvious functionality, doorbells and chimes can also become deliberate decorative statements by complimenting the style of your home:

  • Take a look at your outside wall before choosing a push button: Is there an accent color you can match, maybe that of your house numbers?  Are you already pursuing a certain topic (for example with your exterior wall decoration)?

  • Look for a carillon that will work well in your entryway (what colors and materials do you already have?)Creating a light and dark contrast with the wall if you want it to stand out;

  • Wired doorbells and chimes are more suitable for traditional decors;;

  • For more modern moodshould you opt for a wireless doorbell or, better yet, a smart model.