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Creative and Practical Shade Sail

Creative and Practical Shade Sail Concepts

A shade sail is a perfect solution to provide shade or protection for an outdoor area without having to forego attractive looks.  Below are some expert tips that describe everything you need to consider when buying a shade sail for your home.

What type of shade sail should I buy?

The type of shade sail you need for your home depends heavily on the climate in your area: only some types of shade sail are suitable for wetter or windier conditions.


  • Waterproof sun sails are made of dense strands of fabric with pores that are not large enough to let water through.
  • this is that preferred protection against heavy rain, However, it should not be used in stormy areas as the fabric can catch the wind and tear easily.

What material should my awning be made of?

The material you choose is closely related to the type of shade sail you want and the function you want it to perform.  Only 3 main materials are used and each is ideal for a different function and environment.

Shade cloth

  • This is the most popular material for shade sails relatively cheap.
  • The knit fabric can be stretched to create the distinctive three-dimensional shapes associated with sun sails.
  • Shade cloth is quite light and very breathable, Hence, it is ideal for providing cool and protective shade from UV rays.

What shape should my awning be?

While this doesn’t seem to be a very important factor, the shape of your shade sail will determine exactly where it can be placed and how you can customize it.


  • Triangle shade sails will be offer less coverage as a square awning.
  • However, you are spatially more flexible and so can be installed in much smaller spaces.
  • You can also Layer several triangle shade sails to create unique patterns and a larger area of ??coverage.