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The Essential Tool for a Tidy Garden:  Garden Hose Reels

The Essential Tool for a Tidy Garden: Garden Hose Reels

Coat hangers, holders and stands

But these are simple and basic very effective devices Wind up and store a garden hose.  They are made of metal rods or tubes and have a base or stand that the hook is welded to.  It can be a single hook or a rack for extra support if the hose is very long.  You often have decorative wrought iron crowns for aesthetic appeal.

They are simple designs the cheapest garden hose reel.  Choose this type if you want Add style and elegance on a budget.  For improved aesthetics, paint the roller a bright, cheerful exterior color like spring green, fall orange, or cherry red.


These are portable hose reels mounted with two or four heavy duty rollers or wheels.  The design usually features a handle for easy winding or unwinding of the hose.  Have some designs Baskets for storing garden tools and accessories.

Below are a few Standard capacities and which to choose for your needs:

  • 5/8 “- 175 ‘(for small backyards, front gardens, and vegetable gardens)
  • 5/8 “- 229 ‘(for medium-sized gardens)
  • ½ “- 393 ‘(for patio, multi-story, tiered, rock, and other gardens)

Carriages are ideal for you if you have a larger garden or garden where you need to move the hose to different places to water your plants. Choose a neutral gray, black, or white body that harmonizes with nature in every season.

Mounted on the wall

These garden hose reels have one Wall plank on which the roller is mounted.  It may be Operated with a crank for winding and unwinding the hose. They are your choice when you want to save space in a small garden or vegetable garden.  Go for Sand, concrete or brick colored rolls that match the wall surface.

Many of the wall mounted casters are very decorative and have some quirky designs like frogs, pine cones, or watering cans.  Choose this type if you want your hose reel not only to be practical, but also to spice up your exterior decorative elements for your garden.


These are mechanized rollers, usually wall-mounted.  There is no need to manually unwind or rewind the hose.  Simply pull the hose out to the desired length and it will lock into place.  When you finish pouring, Just pull it lightly and the hose will pull back smoothly without getting tangled.

With another nozzle, you can use this roller for Spraying the bushes and plantsapart from watering your lawn.

In his the high-end price range, choose this model If you have a large garden and are looking for a practical garden hose reel solution that will last for years.  Designs are available in thoughtful garden-friendly colors and finishes, so customize yourself and your garden!

Hose container

That is a Supplied roll that completely protects the garden hose from all sides.  It has fans or perforations for air circulation.  Depending on the model and design, the Operation can be rewound manually or automatically.

Top end models are battery operated automatic devices.

Hose containers are Designed to save time and increase productivity through automation.  Choose one if that is your goal.  A number of factory designs are suitable for any type of outdoor environment.


Pots are a great solution if you want to hide the hose completely.  If Aesthetics is your number one priority and you don’t want to destroy your garden decor with plastic hose devices, pots are your solution.  you are attractive and practical and will add to your garden decor.  An added benefit of pot storage for your hose is that it does Protect it from direct sunlight or rain.

The selection of hose pots is available in a variety of colors and designs as far as your imagination.  If you already have some flower pots in your yard, choose your hose pot the way you already have it.  Alternatively, if you want an accent piece, Go for a pot that will stand out and grab attention.