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Eames Molded Plastic Chair

Eames Molded Plastic Chair

The Eames Molded Plastic Chair perfectly embodies the famous credo   of its creator: “The role of the designer is that of a very good,   thoughtful host who anticipates the needs of his guests.” The chair was   designed according to the credo on the principle of adaptability and offers   one Variety of configurations for a variety of applications and   environments.  Today, the Eames Molded   Plastic Chair can be found in private homes, cafes, bars, lobbies, and   offices around the world, proving that the chair is a truly versatile piece   of furniture.


The chair was created by the design team of husband and wife   Charles and Ray Eames and dates from a time when the famous duo were   experimenting with new types of materials and manufacturing processes.  The chair’s prototype first stepped into   the spotlight in the 1948 International Competition for Inexpensive Furniture   Design, organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  The seat of the prototype was made of sheet   metal that was pressed into the desired shape.  Even so, the Eames continued to push the   boundaries of the shell chair, leading to the introduction of the fiberglass   chair seat in 1950.  Despite the relatively   simple design, the environmental risks associated with fiberglass manufacture   were more fully understood and the scales tipped in favor of discontinuing   fiberglass tray production until a more suitable material could be found.  The chair was brought back to life in 2001   by the furniture company Herman Miller, who reintroduced the Eames Molded   Plastic Chair with the seat made from environmentally friendly   polypropylene.


The overall look of the chair is extremely appealing and   stylish.  It’s very proportional and   balanced, and the use of the frame base makes it look both airy and   light.  Unlike fully upholstered   furniture, it does not obstruct the room in which it is placed, but improves   the perception of spaciousness.  Even   today, almost seven decades after its presentation, the chair has neither   aged nor become banal.  It still looks   fresh and contemporary.  This trait of   good design is particularly well illustrated by Eames Demetrios, the couple’s   grandson, who once said, “The chair Charles and Ray designed is the chair   that will be made tomorrow.” The chair’s simple, lovable shape fits every   body and every place.  Although the   chair looks like a masterpiece of modern art, it is fully functional and   surprisingly comfortable.

The shell is made of polypropylene, which is 100 percent recyclable.  The high level of comfort is due to the   deep seat pocket and the waterfall seat edge, which reduce the pressure on   the back of the user’s thighs.  In   order to achieve the absolute level of comfort, customers can order the chair   with a dense foam padding that is covered with a variety of hard-wearing   fabrics.  The rubber damper mounts,   another item on Eames’ inventions list, are located between the shell and the   base, allowing the chair to adjust to the position of the user.  The chair is available with four different   bases: 4-leg base, stacking base, wire base and wooden dowel base.  In the first two options, the base is made   of bent steel tubes.  The wire variant   is much more sophisticated and appealing and is similar to the half-timbered   structure of the Eiffel Tower.  Last   but not least, the wooden dowel base, as the name suggests, consists of four   wooden dowels that are tapered at both ends.    The dowels are spanned with the diagonal crossbars for additional   structural strength.  The chair is   available in different configurations of upholstered and wooden surfaces   including: maple, white ash, ash-stained white ash and walnut.  At the customer’s request, the metal parts   of the chair can be painted either white or black and can be   chrome-plated.  This diverse range of   options enables customers to create their own perfect chair.  This piece of furniture is a perfect   combination of amazing shape and extraordinary functionality.  It still looks fresh and mesmerizing and is   a great, tasteful addition to any modern interior.