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Nicole Miller Home Decor

Nicole Miller Home Decor

Everyone in the country knows that Nicole Miller, an American   fashion designer, has an amazing sense of style.  Anything that she literally touches turns   out to be stylish and just amazing.    Fortunately, she brought out a home decor and accessories line that,   as expected, appears to be fashionable and current.  Check out our shopping guide and favorites   from their line below!  According to   Miller himself, good design is not just about a closet, as your home is an   extension of your personal style.  The   entrepreneur-turned fashion designer worked with Home Dynamix, a well-known   home decor and design brand, to translate Miller’s design philosophy into   beautiful, stylish, yet functional home decor.  We know you love to shop, but before you   randomly pick items from Nicole Miller’s signature series, put yourself   together and read our buying guide as we have listed some tips to help you   choose the right decor.

Determine your favorite color palette

Combining patterns and stunning colors from the Nicole Miller   collection is a challenge, especially if you are new to home decorating.  Before you get frustrated with the whole   company, first decide which color palette you want to work with.  Check whether cool or warm colors are best   for your living space.  Remember, there   are cool and warm sides of all colors under the sun.  Pick 1-2 main colors, then 1-2 accent   colors that convey your sense of style and character.  When combining patterns, choose a colored   pattern and combine it with a white background.  Whether you’ve opted for a nautical theme   in navy blue and white or a monochromatic scheme, use your imagination in   choosing a color scheme.

Identify the correct scale

You have already figured out what colors and patterns look amazing   in your home.  Now you need to start   thinking about the size of your home decor.    It should match the width and height of the room – keep that in mind.  For example, when buying a set of frames,   think about where the frames are and visualize what they would look like in   the room.  If your wall space is   limited, don’t choose oversized frames as they would become unusable due to   the lack of space.  This is the most   exciting part: consider your options available.  So, without further ado, here are our best   picks on the amazing Nicole Miller’s signature line:

Graphic print   on wrapped canvas

This finished artwork, wrapped in the gallery, shows what a   beautiful brick house looks like at sunset.    It’s a stunning piece that is great when you want your space to be   brighter.  It has a vintage and rustic   feel that its colleagues just can’t match!    It also comes with a solid wood frame for stability and   durability.

Cook N   Comfort How to say time kitchen mat

This gives your kitchen the finishing touch.  With its quirky design, non-slip rubber   backing and non-slip surface, your kitchen setting will get a playful yet   functional mat that is perfect for everyday use.  The incredible thing about this product is   the fact that it is easy to clean and easy to maintain.  It’s a great way to add character to your   kitchen.

Luxury   Faux Fur Wine / Water Bottle Tote (Leopard)

If you are looking for the best wine / water tote bag to carry a   bottle, maybe your favorite bottle, to a casual wine and cheese party, then   Nicole Miller’s Faux Fur Wine Carrier Bag is the best for you.  It’s versatile and spacious enough that you   can put a corkscrew in it.  This   carrier made of a stunning and incredibly soft material is super easy to   carry.

Home Set   with 8 Taper Candles 10 Gold Swirl Texture

From the Nicole Miller collection, these 10 inch tapered candles   are perfect for any occasion including weddings, holidays, and romantic home   dinners.  Each is gold plated to add   elegance and romance to the atmosphere of a party.  They fit in standard candlesticks as well   as in conical glass candle holders.

Box frames set of   3

These Nicole Miler Box Frames aren’t just frames.  Your finish is first class and of course   very consistent.  When you’ve amassed   quirky photos and collectibles that are just catching dust, it’s time for you   to move them into Miller’s frameset so they’ll bump against a   wall.

Newton microfiber   bath rug set

This easy-care microfiber bath rug set from Nicole Miller has   everything you need to be considered the best rug set.  Not only is it soft on the skin, but it   also dries out quickly.  The set comes   complete with a non-slip latex pad, which makes it ideal for a bathroom with   a lot of traffic.

Light   gray Mongolian luxury lambswool faux fur

A faux fur blanket without scales.    It feels like you are surrounded by clouds.  It’s incredibly soft and big enough that   you can cover your feet up to your shoulders when you’re watching TV.  But that’s not all because this Snuggie is   also a stunning blanket that will add class and sophistication to a living   room.

Medallion pair of   curtains

Does your room need elegant designer curtains?  Of course it works because every window   needs the perfect addition!  This   machine washable set of 2 window curtains from none other than Nicole Miller   is made from 100% cotton.  It comes   with a delicate medallion pattern that is guaranteed to give your living   space that much-needed modern pizzazz.

Synergy Wave Gray Area   rug

This multicolored selection from Nicole Miller’s home collection   can cover ugly floors and make living spaces homely.  This comfortable shag rug is as comfortable   for the feet as it is durable.  It fits   in any interior and matches any living environment as it was designed by the   golden hands of Nicole Miller!  In   addition, modern printing can improve the texture of a room.

Reversible   comforter set made of 100% cotton

Make dreams come true with this stylish and modern bedspread from   Nicole Miller.  It features a beautiful   floral design that comes to life with the contrasting tones of the set.  It has all the functions a comforter set   should have as it is filled with cotton, machine washable and also   reversible!

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