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Top 4 ideas for shabby chic living room

Top 4 ideas for shabby chic living room

How about a living room with shabby   looks yet stylish feel. You can refurbish your living room into a very   soft-looking and inviting space using the suggestions provided by us in this   article. Actually shabby chic living room approach is so special because it’s   very calm as well as gorgeous at the same time. You can add delightful   touches like fireplace, classic candle holders, paintings, mirror and what   not. So read on to find out more.

White color all the way   with simple furnishing and old table – this is what this shabby chic living   room looks like. This is basically vintage inspired look and has been taken   from a house in Los Angeles.How about shade of blue and green with a tinge of   vintage stuffs and white covering all the way round. The idea is to look out   for blues and soft greens and then blend them with darker shades such as   brown.

With white lampshade and   white flooring, this living room looks quite descent as well as shabby chic.   Inviting and fresh, this is what we would call a living room like this and   don’t miss the vintage furniture and glass table. With a lot of sun and   natural view, a person sitting here can really enjoy the day.With undone   shelves and wooden top, this scruffy chic living room is something what a   philosopher or a person with a different bent of mind will create. Simple   looking comfy couches with a wooden table, this living room has got the   aesthetic feeling as well.

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