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Creative Storage Solution: Bike Mounted
High on Wall

Creative Storage Solution: Bike Mounted High on Wall

Every cyclist prefers to put a mountain bike or 21-gear in a panic bunker under barbed wire guarded by men in black.  However, for most people including us, this is definitely a far cry from it.  The majority of bikers struggle with little to no storage space to keep their valued two-wheeled companions.  That means we have to be inventive in how and where we stow our bikes.

Our suggestion, especially if you live in an apartment, is a bike rack that allows you to mount your bike on a wall.  This ingenious invention not only clears up valuable floor space, but also protects your bike from possible damage from doors, cars, pedestrian traffic or the dangers of everyday life.

Of course, not all bike racks are created equal.  There are those that scratch the paint on your bike or blow the tires!  To make sure that you choose the best not only for your space but also for your bike, we have listed the 10 best indoor bike racks.  Check them out below!

Busby 2 bike bike rack on the wall

The wall-mounted Busby 2 bike rack is made of structural metal and vinyl to protect your bike.  It looks elegant and is the smart way to keep a bike off the ground.  It’s a unique bike storage solution that folds against a wall when not needed or in use.  This special function makes it easier to stow the rack in a corner.

What we love about this particular luggage rack is that it’s easy to get a bike in and out of the luggage rack.  It doesn’t leave us suffering from the lifting and twisting motion that makes hanging bikes a pain.

It’s an incredibly affordable option and has storage space for up to two bikes.  Since this particular indoor stand makes bike ride accessible, it’s a great option if you ride your bike every day and just need short-term storage.

Horizontal bicycle bike wall mount

Another horizontal bike rack that is highly recommended and rated on Amazon is the Ibera horizontal luggage rack.  It’s a coat hanger with a sturdy aluminum body and ABS arms that are padded to prevent scratches and damage to your bike.  The rack is quick and easy to install or mount on your wall.

With a weight limit of nearly 40 pounds, the luggage rack can carry almost any bike there is.  The angle of the hanger is adjustable to ensure that your bike is level when mounted on the wall.  Its design makes it the ideal solution when you want your garage to run out of space for storage.

The selling point of this particular rack is its customizability, as you can change the width and height of the rack’s support arms using simple ratchet mechanisms.  The arms snap into place easily if desired.  It also comes with telescopic tubes that you can use to adjust how far the rack protrudes into your room.  It’s definitely a handy feature for a room with limited space.

Bicycle wall mount

We’ve tested hundreds of racks, but the Koby 1 wall-mounted bike rack is one of the rare pieces as it actually feels like part of a living space.  Most bikes are bulky and take up a lot of space when stored indoors.  This luggage rack is minimal in size and is nothing more than sturdy industrial grade steel that can be used to mount your bike on a wall.

The coated hanger won’t damage your two wheeler ride and its total weight is 50 pounds.  Although it can only hold one bike at a time, it will last a lifetime even with regular use.  Measuring 6 “H x 14” W x 16 “D, it can be attached to any wall in any room in your home, even the garage.

Steadyrack Classic bike rack

As a more sophisticated bike rack, it is great value for money and looks great when it mounts your bike.  It is a vertical frame with a foldable wire frame made of durable stainless steel.  As with most high-end bike racks, regardless of size, a bike can be carried as long as it is below its weight limit of 77 lbs.

Those who have unusual tires should consider this option as it won’t fail to happily hang a bike and avoid possible damage.  While it isn’t the prettiest mounting system, its chrome and black finishes blend perfectly in most apartments, houses, and garages.  With dimensions of 26 “H x 5” W x 5 “D, you can easily use the hanging method. The tire sizes that are most suitable for the rack are between 20” and 29 “.

6 Bike storage bike rack on the wall

If you need to store multiple bikes and are looking for a convenient and efficient way to store and organize them, this 6 bike wall mounted bike rack might be your best solution.  This 6 rack model has an extremely high weight limit.  Each individual hook can carry up to 30 kg, making the entire mounting system suitable for almost all types of bicycles.

In addition, the solid stainless steel material is designed to last and ensures that you can get the most out of the bike rack.  As this is a premium system, it comes with all the necessary assembly or installation hardware.  Since six bikes mounted on a wall can take up a lot of wall space, make sure you have a free wall that is large.  The rack is only 2 “H x 51” W x 4 “D, but it will free up valuable space in your home.

Bicycle wall mount

As an affordable bike rack, it can hang your bike on any wall.  Since it’s foldable, you don’t have to worry about an annoying object sticking out of your wall when it’s not needed.  As a quality product, it can be used on almost any type of bike, from the simple cruiser to the meaty mountain bike.

It’s extremely light with its metal construction, but don’t be fooled as it is incredibly strong.  You won’t have a problem hanging a bike that weighs no more than 50 pounds.  on this seemingly flimsy yet robust frame.

While not the most attractive option since it’s a simple metal hanger on the wall, it works perfectly in a mud room, utility room, or garage where style is less important than properly storing and securing your bike.

Ceiling mounted bicycle lift

If you are an avid cyclist and don’t like lifting your bike every time you assemble and disassemble it, this luggage rack will take that frustration out of you and provide you with a more convenient solution for assembling a bike.

With the ceiling-mounted bicycle lift PBH-1R, you can bring your bicycle to the ceiling and move it out of the way.  The system uses two simple hooks that hold your bike on the saddle and handlebars.  It works with a brilliant pulley system that will add to your ride.  It can be used with a bike that weighs up to 50 pounds.  and in a room with a ceiling height of 12 feet or less.  Its secure locking mechanism prevents accidental loosening so you don’t have to worry and have so much fun with this bike lift.

The system has a solid steel construction and is supplied with a nylon rope.  No assembly is required on this product.

3 bike storage bike racks on the wall

The Wall Mounted 3 Bike Bike Stand is a smart garage organization tool that allows you to store up to three bikes.  Just screw in a few screws and your horse can be assembled.  The hook design also makes it quick and easy to remove the wall-mounted bikes.

Made of durable steel with a safety guarantee, it is definitely a great hanger for multiple bikes, especially those who want to make the most of the limited space.  The entire stand can carry any type of bicycle and can withstand everyday use.  The simple, straightforward concept that is installed on the wall provides excellent and inconspicuous storage for your bikes in an area of ??3 feet.

Bamboo bike wall mount

If this wall mount can do one thing and hold your bike, it’s a great option.  But it’s also a nice shelf that you can use to decorate practically anything you want, especially when your bike isn’t attached.  This is what distinguishes the Rackcycle Bamboo 1 Bike Wall Bike Rack from all other racks.

But that’s not all this item has to offer as it also has a massive carrying capacity of over 150 pounds!  Installation is incredibly easy and straightforward.  It’s made of a beautiful, yet strong, environmentally friendly material, and that is bamboo.  If you are not convinced of all of this, we don’t know what would!

Wall shelf for bike racks

When you need to store a lot of gear and not just your bike, this handy luggage rack is all you need.  It comes with hooks for storing bikes and quality wooden shelves for your helmet and other knickknacks.  That’s not all, as the device comes with smaller hooks that you can use to hang anything from keys to raincoats.  It’s also inexpensive, and it’s a rack that definitely gets the job done, even if it has many uses!

Although there are cheaper luggage racks available, few are as durable and multifunctional as the Byko shelf for wall shelves for bicycles.  With overall dimensions of 11.7 x 11 x 12.4 inches, it can be mounted anywhere, even in your living room or entrance area.  When installed in the right place in your home, it helps organize and free up your space.

The best bike racks: buying guide

You already know a bike rack can get your bike out of the way and keep it safe.  It also protects your valuable property from damage and clears up space in your home.  However, which of the list is best for your situation?  We’ll get into that below.  We will give you tips on how to choose the best one for you.

Type of rack

There are two types of bike racks: vertical and horizontal.

  • Horizontal bike racks raise your bike.  They use folded hooks to secure bikes and are padded with a soft material to avoid scratching the bikes.  They are great options if your ride is quite heavy and difficult to lift for a vertical wall mount.

  • Vertical bike racks, on the other hand, use hinge plates to secure bikes to their wheels.  There are those who carry bicycles at an angle from the walls, while others position the bicycles parallel to the walls.  The best for you depends on the weight of your bike.  A heavy bike is difficult to lift, so it is better to mount it on a right-angled vertical rack.

Available space in your home

Bicycle racks are specially designed to minimize disruption in your home and prevent you from using too much valuable space for storing bicycles.  Regardless of how compact your chosen bike rack is, you still need to consider the space the bike will take up when it is wall mounted.  That said, if your space is small or limited, you need to figure out the dimensions of your bike and determine if it is best if you hang it on a specific wall.  Since most of the top of the wall is wasting space, the higher you hang your ride, the less intrusive the wall will be.