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Kitchen Faucet Ideas

Kitchen Faucet Ideas

First, you should choose between two types of   installation:

  • Deck mounted Kitchen faucets are   those most traditional and versatile Option and   you will find models that will suit any type of decor style;

  • Mounted on the wall Kitchen faucets   are a innovative, modern Alternative that can   help you get the most out of you smaller   countertops that is not very deep or does not leave you enough   space around the sink.

Once you figure out which shape you like best, there are dozens of   irrelevant options you can throw away:

  • default Faucets are a   space-optimizing and versatile category that focus on a Single   lever control the temperature and flow of   water;

  • bridge Models have   separate handles for hot and cold waterand   usually follow more traditional designs;

  • Although they can sometimes be found as deck-mounted options,   Pot filler Drafts are a modern and   minimalist alternative this is especially popular for   mounted on the wall Faucets: With two or more   adjustable arms, they can slide out horizontally to reach either side of a   larger double sink or, as the name suggests, to fill a saucepan on your   hob.

do not forget it Check the existing holes in your   sink!  Most have three:   two for the hot and cold handle and one for the spout itself. So if you’re   looking to switch from a bridge model to a standard single lever faucet, you   should look for a design that includes a cover plate to cover the other two   hide.

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