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How to decorate you living space with
laminate kitchen flooring?

How to decorate you living space with laminate kitchen flooring?

A   most provoking question that many have is whether or not to make use of   laminate kitchen flooring. It is not easily acceptable as its considered   undesirable in most scenarios. But the answer is, kitchen floors can be   easily laminated and there is nothing wrong in doing so. There are a lot of   horror stories from people who have installed laminate floorings in their   kitchens. But this was during the earlier period. Nowadays, the process of   material manufacturing has grown to a great extent.

Some problems of laminated kitchen   flooring:

The issues that arise include curling where when water is spilled,   the tiles start curling inwards, spoiling the entire ambience of the kitchen.   Another complication that can arise is delamination, where the liquids can   cause the adhesives present in the floor to separate, causing the floor to   completely split apart. Apart from this, the life cycle of laminated kitchens   is not very high. The lifetime depends upon the thickness of the layer and   the foot traffic at the site of construction. Replacing them is not a viable   option and is quite expensive.  It cannot be refinished.

Advantages of using laminated kitchen   flooring:

Any type of floor is susceptible to problems created by water   logging. The supposedly water resistant floors of ceramic and porcelain are   also prone to problems caused by water as they have their absorption   limitations. When water infiltrates through ceramic tiles, it easily enters   the seams.  So the only solution for this is to make use of a laminate   kitchen flooring as it is non-porous. Also it is easy to install as these   days they come with click lock mechanism. The surface is comparatively more   durable, as unlike wood, the flooring is devoid of dents and scratches. The   “wear layer” of the laminated floor protects the photographic layer   underneath. Therefore it is easy to clean and no flooring waxing is   required.

Things to be careful   about:

We have to make sure we don’t slip in a laminated floor, so it is   quite mandatory to choose a finish that can provide traction. Also sometimes   it gives a very fake feel and the use of formaldehyde in making the laminates   that can lead to the material releasing carbon dioxide which is an ecological   concern. Also make sure there is a warranty before making a purchase, in   general larger warranties are attached to better quality laminates. Another   thing to check for before installing laminated kitchen floor is the   underlayment, which is nothing but the sheet of the material that acts as a   base and provides foundational support for the flooring.