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The Beauty of Jute Area Rugs: A Natural
and Sustainable Flooring Option

The Beauty of Jute Area Rugs: A Natural and Sustainable Flooring Option

Made   of the very shiny, soft and long vegetable fiber, jute area rug is a very   practical detail that you can add in your environment for the nice,   traditional and warm feeling. With the pretty simple look, these rugs are not   only popular in traditional places; they can also be part of the modern home   or apartment and fit in perfectly.

Exotic and   affordable.

Out of all the vegetable fibers, jute is one of the most exotic,   produced, available and affordable ones. Jute’s quality itself is remarkable   so except from being used to make these sorts of rugs, they are also commonly   used for making rope, twine and matting.

Where does it come   from?

Growing this plant depends on the climate, soil and season. Jute’s   cultivation is concentrated in the shared region between India and   Bangladesh, called Ganges Delta. There are two types of jute plant; white and   tossa jute plant. It needs approximately 120 days to grow and be ready to   harvest. Before being stripped of their fibers, the stems get tied together   and soaked in water to get softer.

Small step to great   feeling.

Jute area rug can be put anywhere to make the place feel cozier.   If you simply want to have it under your rocking chair or the place where you   read, you can easily do so. The size can vary so if you need a small rug that   does not have to be related to the rest of the environment, you can get one   that will blend in the ambient. That does not mean that jute area rug cannot   be one of the main things in your living room so it could be perfectly mixed   with wooden furniture and make it feel more alive.

There are different types but they mostly keep the same braided,   natural look. You can choose between different textures, patterns, dark or   light colors. There are multiple shapes and designs that you can find when   you know what you are looking for.

This rug could be perfect for wooden or any other interior and   other products made of jute, such as table covers that combined with jute   area rug will surely give you the home feeling. You can pick darker rugs for   the lighter environment that could give it slight contrast or lighter ones   for the darker environment. With a little bit of creativity, you can use jute   to make your room a place that you don’t want to leave.