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Creative Seating Options: Discover Unique
Bench Design Inspirations

Creative Seating Options: Discover Unique Bench Design Inspirations

Benches are a great way to round off all of those extra spaces   around the house.  Not only do they   provide comfortable seating, but most benches also offer extra storage space   to stow things that would otherwise clutter your home.

Before desperately trying to find the best benches for each room   and its needs, here are 5 expert tips to help you choose a   bench.

What kind   of bench designs are the best?

The design of the bench you choose and the decor that goes with it   depend entirely on where you want to store it.  For example:

  • Nursery: A bench for your nursery   cannot be boring and boring.  There are   many benches with imaginative designs
    like a treasure chest or   with comic prints that fit nicely into one
    child-friendly   room.

  • Window seat: Benches used as window   seats provide good reading spots.  Get   one with storage cubicles that can be filled with books (or your e-reader)   for a cozy little library.

  • Hallways: The furniture and   decorations in your hallways are there to impress visitors.  The benches you put there should be the   same, with stately and sometimes elaborate patterns cut in good quality   wood.

  • Bedroom: Your bedroom should be the   most relaxing part of your home.    Therefore, the benches should not have any sharp features or clear   lines, but should be covered with fine cushions.  Avoid leather or metallic accents, but use   velvet pillows in subtle colors for the best results.

  • Dining room: Dining benches require a   balance between form and function.    While comfort is needed, these benches also need to be sturdy, so go   for solid benches.  Both wood and   aluminum can be selected with a modern design for easy   efficiency.

What   are the different types of benches?

Benches come in many different designs to meet different   needs.  Some of the most popular options   are:

  •     Bedroom benches: Benches for your bedroom are   usually at the foot of the bed.  They   provide a place to sit and dress as you prepare for the day.  A good option is to hide blankets and other   laundry.

What   storage options are available on a bank?

There are some clever ways your bank can be used for storage.  There is no best guy;  All types are useful in different   scenarios.  Here are some of the types   of storage options available on benches:

  • Cabinet: As the name suggests, these   benches are like doors that open to sections that can be used for storage   like a closet or miniature cabinet.

  • Flip Top: This type of storage gives   you the most space.  On flip tops, the   top of the bench is actually a lid that can be opened to give access to a   hollow interior that can be stored like a trunk.

  • Cubby: These benches have open fronts   with several squares divided into them.    A cubby style bench may offer less storage space than a simple cabinet   design, but it looks much better and is easier to organize and   access.

  • Drawer: A variation on the Cubby   style, these benches have closed drawers that slide out of the bench to   accommodate and store items.

Should the   bench be smooth or padded?

The answer to this question depends a lot on where your bank is   located.  Here are some   guidelines:

  • The decor for bedroom generally   emphasizes softness and comfort.  The   benches that you place at the foot of your bed should reflect this and use   padding and padding.
  • Placed along for benches   EntrancesFunctionality is all that is   needed.  Simple wood serves well   here.
  •     dining room are a mixed bag.  The benches next to your dining table   shouldn’t have pillows or cushions that can cause food stains.  On the other hand, you might have a bench   or two on the walls for having tea.    These can have some basic pads.
  • Usually the living room needs   cushioned seating.  However, depending   on your existing decor, pure wood benches may be a better choice.  Upholstered benches go better with an   informal setting with plenty of couches and bean bags to complement   them.