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Various uses for runner rug

Various uses for runner rug

Runner   rug can serve at least two purposes in floor covering. They make a great   accent piece, typically having a design and color scheme that contrasts with   the flooring underneath, and they also help in high traffic areas where there   is likely to be more wear and tear on the flooring material underneath. When   one thinks of runner rugs, one typically thinks of hallways, stairways and   narrow traffic lanes and why not? Many times that’s where they make the most   sense. But let’s step out of the familiar for a moment and consider other   uses for runner rug.

Bedroom use

Many homes have some sort of hard flooring for various reasons.   Hard floors such as wood or laminate can be easier to care for, or sometimes   it’s simply a matter of taste. People often include hard flooring in bedrooms   too and that’s where a couple of nice runner rug fit in well. You wake on a   chilly morning, swing your feet out of bed, and rather than landing on a cold   hard floor, there is a nice, thick piled runner on either side of the bed to   rest your feet on. This can also add coloring and contrast to your room,   maybe coordinated with bed coverings, drapes, etc. There is no limit to the   decorating possibilities and you also have the functional component of a   place to rest your feet. Of course, a hard floor is no requirement to place   runners, they can be placed on carpeting just as easily as on hard flooring   and still serve the same aesthetic and functional purpose.

General Room Use

Another great use of runners would be as a means to break up large   areas in rooms like dining rooms, family rooms or living rooms. This again   would make sense with hard flooring in particular but as with bedrooms, they   would also work nicely over carpet. Placed in front of furniture like couches   and chairs, even bookshelves, the value in accent alone could serve to make   decorating with runner rugs a fun and practical pursuit. Runner rugs come so   many sizes that there is sure to be a length and width to fit your needs.   There also is such a variety in color that you can either match or contrast,   whatever you’re decorating taste happens to be. As you consider you’re   flooring accent options, don’t be afraid to be creative when considering   runner rugs.