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How to refinish maple floor?

How to refinish maple floor?

Maple   floor are robust and last for quite a while. When this is the case, they have   a tendency to lose their sparkle after some time hence you have to restore   them. To restore them you have to do the following:

Instructions to Refinish Maple Floor:  

You ought to begin by investigating the floor and figure out if it   needs some fixing or finish resurfacing. If it needs fixing, you ought to   apply a defensive floor complete that is designed for maple   floor.

You should begin by evaluating furniture and tapestries and after   that fill every one of the crevices toward the end of boards. Additionally,   fill the splits in the ground surface. The best item to utilize is floor   putty. You ought to permit the putty to dry totally and afterward scope and   vacuum the floor.

Close the room utilizing plastic or fabric drop material. You   ought to utilize the fabric to cover the entryway, warmth and aerating and   cooling vents.

After this, you should utilize a drum sander and course-coarseness   sandpaper to sand the floors. On the off chance that the floor is free of   bowing you can run with the grain; in any case, if the floor has bowed   segments you ought to conflict with the grain. You ought to move at an   unfaltering pace and be careful that the sander doesn’t drift in one   segment.

You ought to sand the whole floor including the room edges. When   you are finished with the sanding, you ought to vacuum the room and after   that buff the floor utilizing an electric cradle. Subsequent to buffing the   maple ground surface ought to create sheen.

When you see sheen you ought to realize that the floor is prepared   and now you ought to apply stain utilizing clothes beginning from the   corners. On the off chance that there is any abundance stain you ought to   evacuate it quickly. For perfect results you ought to change clothes   regularly. When you are done, you ought to permit the stain to dry   totally.

When dry you can seal your floor utilizing a water-based urethane   sealer. You ought to apply the sealer utilizing a froth implement working   with the grain of the wood. You should permit the floors to dry for 24-48   hours and afterward supplant the furniture and spot them at their usual   spot.


This is the way you should restore a maple floor. While you can   take the necessary steps all alone, it’s prescribed that you employ the   administrations of an expert keeping in mind the end goal to have perfect   results.