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A modern art of lighting “pendant

A modern art of lighting “pendant lighting”

“Pendant light” means a type of   decorative light which is hangs from the ceiling. It is usually supported by   a chain, cord, or metal rod. The huge verity of pendants is available in the   market. It can be made from metal, glass or plastic etc. It has huge verity   in size also.

Pendant lights are often   used in multiple because it has a poor light. Some pendants contain low   voltage bulbs. It can be halogen lights or fluorescent bulbs. There is 60 -70   watt light is necessary for a 20 inches area according to some architectures.   So pendant lights should be having an equal light as per standard rules and   regulations.

Its color should be contra   sly matched from the color of ceiling and wall. It should be placed in a   perfect order for a perfect light and brightness. Some pendants have low   voltage bulbs so it should be in enough quantity for good light. There are   some rules and regulation in interior designing for a perfect combination of   light. Pendant lights should be placed 72 inches above from the   floor.

   Here we are   showcasing some designs of pendant light-

  • Spiral shape pendant light-This   shape of light looks unique. In this shape light should be large in shape.   Otherwise, its shape can be the reason of darkness.
  • Long shape light-pendent light   should be perfect in height. Part of light and floor should be about 72   inches. Otherwise, it can be the reason of an accident. We can place many   lights in a straight line in kitchen, bathroom or hall. It looks   different.

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