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How to add antiquity with wide plank

How to add antiquity with wide plank flooring?

Hardwood   floors are sturdy and also they stand out from an aesthetic view point. You   can consider having wide plank flooring installed if you are looking to   create a different statement while considering your flooring project. A   different feel is imparted to the floor with the use of wide   planks.

What can a wide plank do to your interiors?  

Wide planks floors are built up to foot wide in comparison to   hardwood flooring. This may sound trivial to you. A different aesthetic is   added to the interior with the use of wide flooring planks. Hardwood floors   on the other hand add a touch of sophistication in the look. Wide plank   flooring is a representation of antiquity. The installation of wide plank   flooring is as well cheaper and quicker.

Antiquity and wide plank flooring  

One thing you need to make sure while installing wide plank   flooring in your home is to check where the planks are coming from.   Generally, wide planks come from wood that is harvested. These days it is   hard to find planks that are made from wood that has been harvested newly.   This can be attributed to the reason that there aren’t many trees left that   offer wide planks for flooring installations. This also implies that the wide   planks that are available for flooring installations come from several   sources. These are milled generally from wood that has been recycled, recycling   of old wide planks or from deal old trees. You aren’t investing in anything   unique that can reflect antiquity if you do not invest in planks that are any   good.

Add character with wide plank flooring

As wide plank flooring come from reclaimed wood of old trees or   from recycling old wood planks, these possess an appearance that is   unrivalled. A lot of time goes into developing these flooring. Character is   imparted to the designs of wide plank flooring when these are harvested from   old growth trees. These may be full of worm runs, grains and knots. Many   recycled designs of wide plank flooring feature nail holes that are old.   These features add a certain amount of character to the wide plank flooring   in comparison to other kinds of flooring. Wide plank floors are ideal if you   are looking for something head-turning and distinctive. You can revamp the   look of your entire interior setting if you opt for wide plank flooring.

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