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Illuminate Your Space with These Creative
Floor Lamp Designs

Illuminate Your Space with These Creative Floor Lamp Designs

Would you like an inexpensive and warm light?  =>   Lightbulbs

Incandescent lamps are the lowest cost lamp available because of   their long history and extensive compatibility with the vast majority of   lamps.  They generally produce a warm   glow, but lack the overall brightness of their competitors.  In addition, they tend to be less energy   efficient and have a shorter lifespan than newer designs.

Do you want a light bulb with a long lifespan and   don’t use a lot of dimmers?  =>   Compact fluorescent lamps

A compact fluorescent lamp, or CFL, is a lightbulb made from a   fluorescent tube that has been made compact for standard lamps.  These lamps are significantly   more energy efficient than an incandescent lamp and maintain   their energy efficiency even if they have to remain lit for a long time.  

In addition, CFLs generate significantly less heat than a light   bulb Ideal for hotter months and climates.  Unfortunately, CFLs still struggle to   produce warm light, even though they are excellent at producing bright white   light in a room.

Another minor disadvantage of CFLs is the following   Your design requires an initial burst of energy to start the   light.  For this reason,   dimmers typically don’t work with CFLs, as a traditional dimmer switch sends   smaller and smaller amounts of energy to a light bulb, producing less and   less light.  With a CFL, the small   units of energy are not sufficient to trigger the lamp and leave the CFL   unlit.

Do you want the longest-lasting light bulb?  => LED light bulbs.  

LED light bulbs, or light emitting diodes, are great light bulbs   that can last for more than twenty years.    LED lamps tend to be more expensive than other lamp options because of   their exceptional lifespan.  These   high-tech lamps can easily produce warm light, and some models can even   produce different colors and hues.

Do you want an exceptionally bright lightbulb and   don’t mind the heat?  => Halogen   lamps

Halogen lamps are a popular light bulb for floor lamps, and some   floor lamps will only work if a halogen lamp is used.  These lightbulbs produce very   bright light and can fill large spaces with ease.  That is, to produce that much light, so do   the light bulbs generate a lot of   heat.

In fact, some colleges have even banned halogen floor lamps and   lamps because the heat is a potential fire hazard.  The heat may be superfluous, but even with   heat loss, halogen gas is a very energy-efficient method of generating light   and uses less electricity than its glowing predecessors.

Do you want the brightness of halogen without the   heat?  => Xenon light   bulbs

Xenon light bulbs are very bright lightbulbs and do   not generate excessive heat.    These advantages have been noticed by automobile manufacturers and   have become common in vehicle headlights.

With floor lamps, brightness is a great feature for illuminating a   room, but all of the brightness benefits of xenon lamps are there   an increased price.  Xenon lamps are typically, and   unfortunately, the most expensive lamps available for floor lamps   a shorter lifespan than most LED   lamps.