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3 handy tips for choosing bathroom tiles

3 handy tips for choosing bathroom tiles

Are   you planning to renovate your bathroom? Are you finding it difficult to pick   bathroom tiles that will make your bathroom look attractive and will also   ensure safety? This post is crated just for you! We have collected some   amazing tips from industry professionals to help you choose your bathroom   tiles. Read them carefully and you might be able to find an answer to your   bathroom tiles dilemma.

  1. Do not use many different types of tiles in your bathroom. As a   thumb rule, at the most you should use three different types of tiles in your   bathroom. First, choose the one that is your favorite and will be the focal   point of your bathroom. Now, based on your first choice decide the other   types of bathroom tiles. For instance, if the first type of tiles that you   choose is antique and colorful, then choose something subtle for the second   type and vice versa.
  2. While choosing bathroom tiles, it is also very important to think   about the maintenance requirements of the tiles. If you want to keep the   maintenance minimal, go for ceramic or porcelain tiles. Stone tiles are for   the ones that do not mind cleaning the floor on a daily basis. Glass tiles   are also an excellent choice for bathroom, but they are very slippery and   should not be used on floors. You can use them on walls.
  3. If you want to create a focal point in your bathroom, make sure   that you only go with a single showstopper. Multiple focal points will make   your bathroom look overcrowded and will steal away the beauty of the focal   points as well.

If bathroom renovation is on the cards for you, then make sure   that you use these tips while choosing the bathroom tiles to ensure that your   bathroom is one of the most beautiful parts of your home.