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Innovative Ways to Incorporate Ox Chair
into Your Interior Design

Innovative Ways to Incorporate Ox Chair into Your Interior Design

One of the most exciting creations from ‘The Master of the Chair’,   the EJ100 Chair, commonly known as the Ox Chair.  Rumor has it that the Ox Chair is the   personal favorite of its famous designer.    At least partly due to its unusual design and futuristic appearance,   the chair is considered the epitome of elegance, beauty and masculine   chic.  Despite its considerable age,   the ox chair never ceases to amuse.  It   still feels as fresh as it did more than half a century ago.

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Hans J. Wegner, nicknamed “The Master of the Chair”,   designed the ox chair.  It was his   great passion for chair design that eventually made Wegner a legendary figure   in Danish modernism and a world-famous furniture designer.  He created more than 500 chairs, many of   which went into mass production.

The final prototype of the Ox Chair was unveiled in 1960 and put   into production soon after.    Unfortunately, the Ox Chair shared the fate of many of Wegner’s   designs from this period, including the Shell Chair, Oculus Chair and Elbow   Chair, as its production finally ceased in 1962 and was too advanced for that   period.  The chair was forgotten for   almost three decades before it gained enough attention and became   commercially available.

The Ox Chair was brought back to life in 1989 by the furniture   company Erik Jorgensen.  This furniture   design classic produced under the new brand was immediately commercially   successful and ultimately fulfilled Wegner’s basic convictions.  that a chair is only ready when someone is   actually sitting in it.


The shape of the chair is refined and rather unusual, but modern   and pure.  Its design embodies the   famous credo of its creator: “A chair should not have a rear view.  It should be beautiful from all angles and   angles.  “Indeed, with its famous   organic shape, the chair is very appealing and futuristic from every angle.   Its shell is made up of several birch wood components connected with dowels.   The frame is then polished for a smooth, seamless finish. The sophisticated   manufacturing techniques, including.” Wood bending and Computer   Numerical Control (CNC) milling used in the production show very clearly why   the production of the chair was impossible with the technology available in   the 1960s.

The most distinctive feature of the EJ100 chair is its generous   headrest, which resembles the horns of an ox.    Hence the name of the chair – “The Ox Chair”.  Its sloping armrests and the generous   backrest give the chair its royal, throne-like masculine look.  Its shape allows a user to assume a variety   of different positions.  The high level   of comfort is due to the high-density urethane foam, which is then covered   with a supple, high-quality leather in a variety of colors.  The chair leans back slightly and suggests   its relaxed lounge nature.  The Ox   Chair rests on an inclined, brushed stainless steel frame made of welded   round tubes.  The base ensures visual   lightness and offers a balanced contrast to the spacious seat. In order to   achieve the absolute heights of comfort and relaxation, customers can combine   the Ox Chair with the matching ottoman.

Although the chair looks like a masterpiece of modern art, it is   fully functional and very comfortable.    Its innovative futuristic design, combined with the immaculate quality   of craftsmanship, has given the chair a very special place in the history of   interior design.  This timeless piece   of furniture still looks extravagant and fascinating and is a great, tasteful   addition to any modern interior.