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Unique Handcrafted Wooden Bed Frames: A
Personalized Touch for Your Bedroom

Unique Handcrafted Wooden Bed Frames: A Personalized Touch for Your Bedroom

Beautify your room or your child’s room with a custom-made wooden   bed frame.  Bed frames serve several   functions.  First, they lift the   mattress and bedding off the floor, second, they allow insect nets to be   added, and third, they add visual interest.

Why Off the Floor is good

Historically, floors are prone to drafts and prone to bugs of all   kinds. A bed platform provides the ability to keep mattresses and bedding   away from dust and debris that enter a room.    It also makes it easier to keep it safe from bed bugs, fleas, and   spiders.  While mice are rank   opportunists for any cozy place to hide, it also helps keep snakes from   snuggling up while you sleep.  Most   modern homes are not prone to these things.    However, if you have a rustic cabin or are renovating an older home,   protecting yourself from the local “wildlife” may be a   consideration.  Aside from hypothetical   living intruders, an off-floor bed makes it easier to keep linens clean, as   sheets, blankets, and spreads can be neatly tucked away during the day.  A broom can run under the bed to drive dust   bunnies away.

Frame above the bed

Again we turn to history.    High four-poster beds were created so that curtains could be hung   around a bed.  The curtains provided   privacy.  In cold areas, they helped to   store the body heat generated by the sleepers.  Finely woven nets helped repel flying   insects – and that still makes sense today, as mosquitoes can find their way   almost anywhere.  High frames also   provide decoration options for bed curtains and other items.

Visual interest

A beautiful bed frame can transform an ordinary bedroom into   something special, be it a lavish declamation of fandom or a quiet area for   rest and meditation.  Bed frames can be   simple, ornate, or almost non-existent – they simply support the   bedding.  They can be almost standalone   or match the other furniture in the room.    In conclusion, a bed frame can be a handy item that will help keep the   bedding clean.  A canopy frame can   spark interest or protect from drafts and flying insects.  Most importantly, a bed frame can be simple   or beautiful – or somewhere in between.

Wooden bed frame

The Glenburn wooden bed frame by Three Posts is a slatted frame   with two slats that is suitable for teenagers or for a second bedroom.  The tall, scrolled headboard provides a   backdrop for pillows, while the footless frame provides excellent support for   box spring beds and mattresses.    Together with matching furniture, it is an excellent   choice.

The bed frame in the Larrabee sleigh style with scrolled head and   foot sections offers a slatted frame for a mattress.  No box spring necessary.  The dark wood is a perfect foil for a   hobnail bedspread or a white quilt.  It   can also support a bright spread that includes favorite cartoon   characters.  It is an excellent choice   for a child’s or teenager’s bedroom.

Replacement   four-poster bed with canopy frame

The Chalkhill bed frame offers the option of adding a canopy or   mosquito net.  The slender posts at the   four corners are without decoration.    Metal bars with a central support form a platform for a mattress.  This is an excellent choice for creating a   bed with royal curtains, princess curtains, or just protection from flying   insects.

White sleigh bed

House of Hampton’s Camden bed frame combines the sleigh bed design   for the head and footboard that can hold a mattress securely with the option   of pillows pillows.  The neutral color   scheme makes an excellent background for any bedding you want and can be used   by any gender – just add favorite colors, illustrated spreads from a favorite   movie or a patchwork quilt with special clothing.

Headboard and   frame

No box spring beds are required for the Loudon headboard and bed   frame, but one can be used for extra comfort.    The headboard has a kind of camouflage bark pattern in dark brown and   gray.  It’s an excellent choice for   those who like a subtle interior theme brought to you by Latitude   Run.

Rustic bed frame

Beautiful rustic aspen block bed frame with wooden plank scene in   the headboard.  It’s perfect for a   hunting lodge or a rustic farm or cottage.    Has a plug-in and tendon structure with additional support in the   middle.  Box springs not required.  Place a feather bed on top of an   innerspring mattress and top it with a patchwork quilt for a sense of   authenticity.

Rich horizontal wood   grain

The rich horizontal wood grain gives this Bruford bed frame by   Foundry Select a special touch.    Opposite angled legs and center support give the platform additional   stability.  Made from recycled mango   wood and iron, no box spring is required.    Make the bed with heavy sheets and an India print spread to add a Far   Eastern flavor to your decor.

Platform bed   retreat

Transform your child’s ordinary single or youth bed into a   personal retreat with the Sweedi bed frame.    It is shaped like a frame for a small house, has no walls or support   for a bed, but can be used to define a room.    It can be used as a support for mosquito nets, or it can be used to   define a play space without a bed.

Sweet pink and white   bed frame

Delight the heart of a little girl with this adorable, pink and   white Baley PU padded twin bedframe by Harriet Bee.  In combination with white furniture and   your favorite ceiling, you can give your little princess the space of her   dreams.  The pink headboard is the   perfect backdrop for ruffled pillows and a cute pajama doll.

Simple platform   bed

Put a box spring mattress or heavy futon on this simple Ollie bed   frame from Modway.  It keeps the mattress   off the floor, makes room cleaning easier, and allows you to add   embellishments like dust ruffles or a built-in headboard.  This simple bed frame makes personalizing a   room as easy as changing a bedspread.