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Best colors to use in your kitchen

Best colors to use in your kitchen

Most   people prefer to use white paint as the base kitchen color, as white creates   a feeling of clean and serene environment. It is fitting for the kitchen   since hygiene is of utmost importance, but you do not always have to use   white color for your kitchen. Here are a few other colors that will work just   as well for the kitchen.


Color red is used in almost in all Chinese restaurants due to the   fact that it is believed that it stimulates one’s appetite. Whether it is   true or not, it is out for experimenting. You can visit a Chinese restaurant   and decide whether it was appetizing to see the color red. Nonetheless, some   home owners find it attractive to have the kitchen cabinets red and   everything else a color that compliments the red. Others still prefer to use   red on the wall, with everything else complementing the   color.


The color blue creates clean and crisp look when used on kitchen   cabinets, ceiling or walls. Lighter shades of blue normally accomplish this   best, while darker shades are best used together with other lighter colors to   minimize the dark look.


Luckily, the color green comes in many different shades and you   can thus experiment with different shades and see which work best for your   kitchen. You will have to of course use a different color to complete the   look. White, teal and wood accents work well with this color.

Before buying the paint and changing your kitchen color scheme, it   is important that you first try testing out how these colors will look like   in your kitchen. There are a few tools to help you with this without spending   a lot on paint.