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Why teak furniture is so valuable and

Why teak furniture is so valuable and desirable?

Teak   is a kind of an expensive wood that is used to make boats and furniture. Most   of the people prefer buying teak furniture for outdoors as it is lighter,   durable and has the ability to remain protected in any of the climate. Teak   has a lot of advantages over other types of wood. The advantages of using   teak furniture is mentioned in the following paragraph.

First of all it does not need to be protected; it can remain in   its natural state without any maintenance. The furniture has the ability to   survive even the extreme weather conditions. Teak furniture is strong as well   as durable and that is one of the reasons why this furniture is so expensive   and desirable. Also the grey color of the material teak makes the furniture   looks very attractive and elegant. It is also said to be resistant to the   water and damaging elements like termites.

Most of the teak furniture is treated with teak oil which makes it   more durable and long lasting. Teak oil can actually prevent any damage   caused to the furniture. The finest quality teak is produced as well as   manufactured in Indonesia. And is found in many south east countries like   Malaysia, Thailand, Burma etc.

Teak furniture is said to be expensive as teak comes from Tectona   Grandis which is mostly found around the residences of wealthy and powerful   people. This is the wood’s reputation that makes the furniture from which it   is made of so expensive.