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What creating the perfect rug décor is
all about

What creating the perfect rug décor is all about

The   rug- not just an accessory

A rug is no more an accessory for your house- it has a rug décor   of its own, adding in to your house in its own special way. In fact, such is   the effect of having the right rug in your home is that many designers now   advise homeowners to get the rug first and the rest of the furniture later.   One more advantage of doing that is the choice in terms of rugs is more   limiting as compared to other elements-, which means you can easily get rest   of the things in sync with your rugs, as compared to the other   way.

The color, texture and size   trio

The three things that you must pay attention to while looking for   the perfect rug décor are the color, texture and the size of the rug, in that   particular order. Begin with the color- go with a neutral shade, or something   you feel would go best with the furniture that you have (or are planning to   buy). Next, go with the texture of the rug- keep partiality and usage of the   rug in mind as you browse for textures, including whether those with low   mobility or children will be moving around on it a lot or   not.

Lastly, the size of the rug needs special consideration as well.   You do not want a rug that is too large or extra small, or one that does not   align perfectly with the room. Your rug is what will define the conversation   area of the living room, and it should be big enough to accommodate at least   the front legs of the furniture that are in the room.

Mistakes- what you must   avoid

One of the most common mistakes that people make is delaying it   until the end. As you begin to design your room or home from scratch,   selecting a rug first is what will help you create an impact and tie the   entire room together. If you go for rug shopping last, then you might end up   waiting months for that perfect piece to come by. Another common mistake that   people who are generally looking for a unique piece or vintage rugs make is   to miss some significant discounts. Do not underestimate the power of eBay   and thrift stores as you go rug shopping- there is a lot that you can find   and save on!

These tips are not that hard to follow- and when done properly,   your rug décor mission will be a success for sure!