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Seating furniture – sectional reclining

Seating furniture – sectional reclining sofa

Our motive of discussion in this article is to talk about sectional sofas, their further different types, and some of the key features of these types that make them real unique and put them out of the crowd.

Sectional Sofa:

Sectional sofas are oversized sofas, modern seating associated to luxury and comfort, manufactured to provide bulk seating for the whole family or a small group. You will witness a sectional in every second luxury living room suite. A sectional sofa consists of sections, each section provides seating for an individual. There are different models and types of sectional sofas regarding design, shape, fabric, material and functionality, such as, sectional sleeper sofas, sectional reclining sofas, and trundle sectional sofas.


Here are some of the most common and most demanded types available in the markets nowadays:

Sectional Sleeper Sofa:

A sectional sleeper sofa is a multipurpose type of sofa offers seating as well as sleeping. A sectional sleeper sofa looks like a casual sectional piece, but it is designed to convert into a double bed whenever you need extra space for sleeping. Sleeper sofas are best if you have a small apartment and can’t manage a guest room – if you are hosting the guests and they have a plan to stay over, sectional sleeper sofa can help you out.

Sectional Recliner Sofa:

You must be familiar with a reclining chair, same is the functionality of sectional reclining sofa. A sectional reclining sofa is like a casual sectional furniture seating, additionally, it consists a reclining back to give your head rest, and a portable footrest to stretch your legs and get into an easy and comforting position. A lever is attached sidelong to unfold the footrest, recline back or get back to active position.

Sectional Sofa with Trundle:

A sectional sofa with trundle is multipurpose furniture piece. As such, it is not a lot different form seating aspect from a casual sectional sofa, but it contains a trundle bed underneath it to provide extra space for seating or sleeping. Trundle is a hidden bed underneath the primary frame of the sofa, and can be drawn out when needed.