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What are occasional chairs?

What are occasional chairs?

Occasional   chairs are small pieces of furniture that can be used in various occasions   and according to the occasional demands. An occasional chair does not   typically match the rest of the furniture and usually is like a stand-alone   furniture. It can be treated like an additional piece of furniture that can   fulfil the purpose of sitting. Although it does not match with the rest of   the furniture it should be in lined with the general décor of the room. Most   of the occasional chairs are simply made up of wood. Also they can be carved   and shaped in a variety of designs and styles. Usually these OCCASIONAL   CHAIRS are designed in a very funky way; also the colors used are very bright   and eye-catching.

Usually these occasional chairs are placed in hotel rooms to give   a touch of elegance and style as well as providing people with a place to   sit. It means that these occasional chairs not only have functional uses but   also it is used for enhancing the beauty and the style of the room. It is   regarded as one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that is used in   offices and particularly in the home. These chairs are elegant, portable as   well as comfortable.

The different types of occasional chairs includes far eastern chic   which is a carved chair and is easily movable around the room, ghost chair   which is a transparent occasional chair, bergere chair which is a very light   chair and many more.

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