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Elegant and Functional: Wall Grilles  Decor for Your Home

Elegant and Functional: Wall Grilles Decor for Your Home

Wrought iron scrollwork grills are reminiscent of virgins wearing lace mantillas and looking down from balconies while troubadours play romantic tunes on early versions of the guitar.  In countries where ventilation is extremely important, such grills provided a level of security to keep people from falling out of windows and to keep other people out.  In fact, they can still protect glass windows or doors from the occasional vandalism.

Coarse or fine

Metal wall grills can have open scrolls, elaborately machined dense patterns, or even patterns that are so dense that it is difficult to see through.  The grilling job that works best for you depends on how you plan to use your grill.  Open scrollwork is best for simple decoration and can be easily placed over the glass.  Elaborately crafted patterns that frame fine-meshed frames can be used as part of a fire barrier or to let light and air into a room while keeping insects at bay.  Grilles are often used to cover the vent of an underfloor oven.  Each purpose helps determine the pattern and density.

Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, French and more

Fine rolling grilles can be found as part of the architecture for different nationalities.  The word “grill” comes from the French Grielle, but the Spanish word for the same architectural feature is reja.  Barbecue work has been made almost anywhere metalwork has been developed and can be made from brass, bronze, aluminum, or iron.  They can be simple, useful pieces designed to cover air vents, stove or air conditioning vents, or elaborate designs used in balconies, window coverings, and transoms.  Decorative grilles can also be used to reinforce glass and as shutters on windows on the lower floor to prevent entry.  In countries where the weather is often too warm to close a house tightly, grilles offered a preconditioning solution for security and ventilation.

BBQ work for you

You probably have BBQ chores around your house and haven’t even thought about it.  If you have oven vent, reinforced glass, or similar items, you already have some sort of griddle installed.  Barbecue grills can be used to divide a room, provide airflow through a difficult area, or decorate a blank wall.  It’s both beautiful and practical, adding grace to security shutters or even fencing.  Sometimes it can just be an accent that pops other architectural features with the added interest.

For a modern room, there is nothing like the perfect wall decoration.  With a faded golden brown finish, the panes and filigree of this traditional metal grill wall decor add a lot to your room.  With a leaf design, it complements all plantings in the room and gives the feeling of nature.  It comes in a set of four.

Arabesque Wrought Iron Window Grill Wall Decoration

This decor is perfect for any Arabic-style room and has a distinctive presence.  It follows a Moorish design in its construction and interweaves subtleties.  This piece brings any sandstone wall to life and shows respect for the arts.  At 33 inches tall by 18 inches wide, you can flaunt this piece in any standard window.

This wall grill offers a hanging place that can easily be used with any wood-colored wall.  With ten built-in hooks you get additional functions in addition to the decorative grilling work.  At the front door, it will express your creativity to your guests as they can hang up their things.  For a fun extra touch, you can put the grill in front of a mirror.

Abstract stamp grid wall decor

This grille fits over any large bed or in a large walkway and brings life and atmosphere to any room.  Its size dictates that it should be a centerpiece or fun focus of attention.  It’s big enough to add a lot to your creative room decor anywhere.  The brown metal can work with almost any room.

Wrought iron fleur-de-lis wall grille plaque

This iron-made fleur-de-lis can be mounted anywhere.  It’s heavy enough to be safely placed outside on your siding or next to your door.  The fleur-de-lis is known for its symbolic use throughout history, particularly in the history of France.

Diamond shaped iron wall grille

The diamond-shaped iron wall grille by Nicci Tuscan can express several meanings through its placement.  It can stand up straight or on its side and show openness or perfection everywhere.  This piece makes a wonderful decor over a wooden double door with its harsh iron tone.

Textured black floor grille

The black tone of the ST212 scroll floor register works well with any dark wood floor design or white tile or vinyl.  The eye-catching, bold design transforms an ordinary rust room into an artistic statement.  The pattern is small enough to catch anything that falls on the vent cover and to keep your fingers out.

Large rectangular iron wall lattice plaque

This 64-inch Tuscan wall grille from Bellissa Tuscan adds the perfect touch to a designer’s wall or door.  Elaborate pole designs and curves of the piece stand out against a glass door and can reinforce it at the same time.  Since it allows light, it gives the door and room both lighting and style.

Iron wall lattice gable swag

The three-part Tuscan gable hive by Aurora is perfect for self-assembly over a door.  The black cast iron stands out against any wall and tastefully shows a central fleur-de-lis.  It’s an excellent addition to any traditional French design or room theme.

Iron garden gate wall grille plaque

This Bianca 50 inch iron garden gate can add style to any part of your home and can be colored to match any color scheme.  Placed at the end of a hallway, it gives a sense of closure.  Alternatively, it can be moved to a large window and where others can see it.