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Exploring the Versatility of Ottomans and
Poufs in Home Decor

Exploring the Versatility of Ottomans and Poufs in Home Decor

The main shape is rectangular, complemented by round, square and   other unusual shapes.  Here are some   tips on which shape is right for you:

  •     Rectangular – A universal shape that blends in   with any decor.  Choose it if you want   to place it next to your sofa or other rectangular seating   arrangement.
  •     square – Its sharp edges complement the other   angular furniture.  It will also offer   a spacious storage room under the seat.
  •     Round – Its smooth curves do not hinder   movement in a compact space.  They also   have good placement options – in the middle of a seating arrangement or on   the sides.

Whichever shape you choose, keep that in mind that   stools are accent piecesSo choose a shape that harmonizes with   the other furniture shapes.

For stools, round, cylinder and cube are the predominant shapes.   Round stool is best placed in the company of   other round decorative elements.  You   can choose to have a round mirror, a round coffee table, or a round sofa.   Cube stool will look great in modern interiors   as its edges characterize this style.


Standard rectangular

13 “-20” HX 20.5 “D. Width depends on the number of   seats, with approximately 26” for each seat.

Choose the height that matches the other coordinated seating   arrangements.  The best height is   15 ½ “, the same as a coffee table. Make   sure, however, that the The height of your sofa and your   ottoman are almost the sameso that everyone who sits is on the   same visual level.


Standard size is 13 “H by 17 ¾” diameter.

You can get stools larger and smaller than the standard size, but   we recommend choosing the size that is not disproportionate to your living   area.


Standard size: 14 ¾ “HX 14 ¼” WX 14 ¼   “D.

It’s a very handy size that you can move   easilyThis gives you great configuration and placement options.