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A Guide to Stylish Wagon Wheel Wall Décor

A Guide to Stylish Wagon Wheel Wall Décor

Cartwheels drove the spread of civilization.  From the war chariots of the countries around the Mediterranean to the movement of European settlers in the United States, wheels have increased the mobility of various cultures around the world.  Sometimes they’re old and rusty, sometimes made from pieces of wood, sometimes they’re beautifully finished and painted in brilliant colors, but they all help people move from one place to another.  It is no coincidence that wheels are often referred to as “wheels of fortune” and not just in relation to the television broadcast.  When you pick up a tarot deck, luck is represented as a wheel that can either lift or drag the querent under its profile.

Wagon wheels as symbols of the American Wild West

When making decorations, the wooden wheels with iron wreaths on which Conestoga wagons, feed wagons and just plain agricultural wagons are based are most commonly used as decoration.  These wagon wheels are a symbol of a brief twenty year culture that has since caught the imagination.  They call up images of train drivers shouting “Wagons, HO!”.  They also refer to images of broken axles, lonely wheels lying in the grass of Kansas or on the salt flats of Utah, silent evidence of the weakness of human effort and human myopia.

Wheels in Europe and Asia

Wheels made it possible for the nomads of the steppes to take their houses with them.  They were the basis for the Roma, those roaming tribes who moved goods and gave the pre-motorized societies of Europe the ability to migrate.  These wheels were often brightly decorated, but no less full of inspiration and tragedy.

Wheels in a modern context

Modern technology has made us all nomads who have traveled from one job to another always looking for a better life.  Is it any wonder that we refer to a new car or truck as our “new wheelset”?  Wagon wheel decorations are both a reminder and a promise of how technology is changing our world.  Or sometimes they are just a nifty way to decorate in a certain style.  Whether authentic antiques or replicas made of wood, metal or plastic – wheels are a symbol of mobility, both nostalgic and modern.  Check out the selection of the following wagon wheel decorations.  Most of them are primarily reminiscent of the Americans ‘expansion to the west, but the tapestry reminds that beautiful wheels are not exclusively the property of Europeans’ expansion in a country that seemed endless and unclaimed to them.

Wagon wheel wall decoration

Brighten up your country or wild west decor with a rusty old style wagon wheel with a star in the center of the spoke.  Bring national memories of Westbound Conestoga wagons or a sea of ??cattle horns accompanied by the steady movement of a forage wagon traveling from the Lone Star state to Kansas City.

Wooden wagon wheel grille

Add a rustic touch to your garden with this wooden wagon wheel grille from Birch Lane.  Made from cedar wood, it is resistant to rot and mildew and turns soft to gray, which makes it perfect for outdoors.  It offers you long-term service while also supporting your favorite vines.

Pair of wooden wagon wheel replicas

Bring an aura of yesteryear to your garden, yard, patio or even an interior wall.  This pair of wooden wagon wheels is made from weatherproof materials and can be placed anywhere you want to add a touch of the wild west.  They were brought by Pier Surplus and are the perfect rustic touch.

Big and small wagon wheel decorations

Decorate a wall with this pair of tiered wagon wheels, one large and one small.  They are exquisitely detailed, including a metal rim.  Put them anywhere, indoors or outdoors.  The wood is weatherproof and offers years of viewing pleasure.  This decorative element comes from Pier Surplus, a fast growing company that offers garden decoration.

Williston Forge’s distressed metal rim wheel features bicycle spokes, red paint, and a silver center trim.  A hanging tab is attached to the back for easy hanging.  It can be displayed indoors or outdoors depending on your decorator’s needs and inspirations.

Unfinished wooden wagon wheel

Ideal to mix with any country or western decor, this wagon wheel is unfinished so you can dye or paint it according to your colors and themes.  The thick outer edge is supported by thick wooden spokes and an unadorned wooden center.  With the right treatment and finish, it can be displayed outdoors but works very well inside.

Pine wagon wheel with star spokes and a charred walnut finish

This wooden wagon wheel with its tapered spokes and charred walnut finish is perfect as a wall decoration or as a chandelier to support lights.  Pre-drilled with holes for hanging or wall mounting.  Intended for indoor use only.  It is not weatherproof.

Ornate wagon wheel wall hanging

This replica wagon wheel is accompanied by a textured cactus, saddle, boots, lariat, hat, and ola glass that are reminiscent of the Spanish caballeros from ancient Mexico.  Made in China, it comes ready to hang.  Designed primarily as an interior decoration.

Bulk Wagon Wheel Decorations

Order this pack of twelve wagon wheel decorations for your next Wild West party or event.  With a diameter of around 30 cm and made of plastic, they are perfect for the soiree that celebrates a rodeo or a large cattle sale.  Or you can use them to brighten up the square dance floor at your next social dance event.  Easy to assemble or dismantle and store for the next party time.

Tapestry with Bulgarian wagon wheel print

As a reminder that the wild west of the United States wasn’t the only culture powered by wagon wheels, this beautiful tapestry shows brightly colored wheels leaning against a wall, as well as a brightly colored scattering of leaves.  One-sided printing on high quality fabric brightens up every wall in your home.