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Seating furniture – sectional sofa

Seating furniture – sectional sofa sleeper

Seating   Furniture:

American furniture has introduced the markets with diverse ranges   of seating and non-seating products regarding design, color, functionality,   size and material. In association with the ideas of fine arts and   engineering, lots of multipurpose and convenient designs have been introduced   keeping in mind the needs of the consumers.

In this article, our main topic of discussion is modern seating   furniture. Variety of stuff is available in seating furniture ranges, such   as, sofas, recliners, daybeds, etc. Here are some of the most common types of   living room seating manufactures:

Sectional Sofa sleeper:

Sofa sleeper is one of the most common and efficient types of   multi-purpose sectional seating furniture. A sectional sofa sleeper looks   like a casual sectional sofa, but it is designed to serve as a portable   double bed as well. In need, seating of the sofa can be unfolded to convert   sofa sleeper into an average sized double bed. Sectional sofa sleepers are   very efficient in small rooms or apartments where users have space problem;   and also are perfect for sleepovers in living room, in case, some guests are   staying over.

Day Beds:

A day bed is the combination of a bed and a sofa – it is larger   than a sofa, plus, frame of the bed possesses back and arms for easy-sitting.   So, in conclusion, a sofa bed is designed for sitting as well as for sleeping   or napping. Day beds also come with trundles which make them real   space-savers.

Trundle Bed:

A trundle is a hidden bed which is kept under main bed frame. You   can drag out trundle bed when you need to use it and push it back when not in   use – provides extra space for sleeping in case of   stay-overs.

Sofa Bed:

A sofa bed is a classic form of luxury seating furniture –   consists of a comfortable back as a casual sofa, but a relatively longer seat   to stretch the legs like sitting in bed.

 Recliner Sofas:

Recliners are the most popular seating manufactures of the modern   age. Recliners sofas possess a reclining back and a portable footrest for   easy seating and napping.