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There’s style in sofas! some design sofas
  that you’re bound to adore!

There’s style in sofas! some design sofas that you’re bound to adore!

Did   you know that there are more than twenty types of design sofas that you can   find in even your nearest furniture stores? Yes, I love sofas. And anyone who   has even the slightest regard for comfort loves them too. So, here I am, to   let you know of different design sofas that you can choose from and make a   perfect living room. Some of them are so uniquely beautiful, it’s   adorable!


The most casual and comfortable sofa there is. It won’t be the   most remarkable piece of furniture in the room, of course, but if you’re   looking for something traditional, this might be the perfect choice for you.   The arms of the Bridgewater sofa are rolled slightly to the side and are   lower than the back. It would generally speak to anyone who loves   comfort.


It is quite similar to the Bridgewater. The general differences   arise in the toughness of the upholstery and the lower arms. Some of these   have arms so low, that they can be confused for armless sofas. This sofa is   decently cushioned over and would again, speak to anyone with a traditional   mind.


Famous for its quilted style, the Chesterfield sofa only has the   tufted design on the sofa back and the sofa arms. The seating bench is   generally plain. The Chesterfield is one of the most popular design sofas   nowadays.


A settee is a wide chair. These aren’t very popular, but if you   like to have a huge chair like sofa that makes you feel like a king on a   throne, this one is for you. Even I own one of these. Generally plain but   comfortable, the settee sofa is like a wide dining room chair with arms. It   has a somewhat royal feel to it as well.

There you go! Those are some of my favourite design sofas! They   would sit well in any decent dining room, and aren’t very hefty to purchase.   So have you decided on your favourite one and picked out one of these   design sofas yet?

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