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The specialty of hand scraped wood floors

The specialty of hand scraped wood floors


There are many types of flooring methods existing now in this   century which is much more than what we can ask for because there weren’t   half as much as methods, materials or ways to make floors almost a 50 years   ago. Now there are different types and designs that can suit anyone’s needs.   You can even get the looks of a flooring method that existed years ago with   the durability, strengths of modern flooring methods all thanks to different   types of floor engineering methods. The different types of flooring methods   now include laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, stone   flooring using marble or granites, and Marmoleum flooring. Some of these are   from natural sources and they are eco-friendly while others are   man-made.

How it is made

Hand scraped wood flooring is a type of hardwood flooring which is   catching on as quite a trend in the recent years. Their popularity is mainly   because if the rich and classic, old school look it provides. It looks much   like the wooden floors in the cottages or houses from years ago. The rich and   warm atmosphere it provides when matching furniture’s are placed with it is   incomparable with any other positive atmosphere that interior furnishing can   provide. This type of flooring method is costlier than other types available   in the market. This flooring method is also known as hand sculptured wood   flooring. The wood in this type of flooring is usually scrapped off for   attaining smoothness and a certain pattern that only scraped wood has. It is   due to this scraping that this flooring method got the name hand scraped wood   flooring. However now the scraping can be done by machines to aside from man.   When this work is done by machines, it is done perfectly but the natural   patterns (which happens because of the irregularities caused by the scrapes   that appear when done by hand) will go missing. For much more detailed and   prettier appearance, it is advised to use man force. Hand scraping is an   option that is applicable to both solid wood and engineered wood to leave   marks on it like it would have on an old wooden flooring.


The finishing of hand scraped wood is usually done using urethane,   which is a clear substance than enhances the durability of the wood. If this   finish is used, then further maintenance won’t be required to an extent. This   flooring will look best in houses that were built taking inspirations from   cottages or in a small house. It will also look good if the interior   designing in your house has a wooden finish and the rest of the furnishing   takes after it.

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