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A tufted rug having it all!

A tufted rug having it all!

A   tufted rug is high quality, fine and affordable area rug that is widely used   around the world. Tufting is a style of weaving a fabric such that the fibers   used poke out from the backing. And an additional backing is then added to   the backing in which the fibers are already sewn to give it firmness and   support so that it can maintain its structure and be durable. More often,   tufted rugs are made from synthetic fibers but they can be produced with any   fiber weaved out in a tufted manner. No matter what your design requirements   and affordability is, a tufted rug can be made out into beautiful designs,   colors, textures, sizes and shapes. Since these are really durable, they can   be put both indoors and outdoors and won’t budge from their original   appearance (if you take care of them, obviously!). The cost of a typical   tufted rug depends on the fiber used, the type of pattern to be made and the   method of production.

Hand tufted rugs:

Made with minor labor requirements and a machine called tufting   gun, hand tufted rugs can be easy to make and thus cost less as compared to   other hand made rugs. But, they are still pricier than other tufted rugs.   They can adorn your living place in a modern and chic way. This means that   they can provide with a diverse variety of possibilities to design your room   from.

Wool tufted   rugs:

Woolen tufted rugs can be machine made or handmade depending on   the method with which it is woven. They are usually very plush, dense and   smooth and can provide with a suave feel under the feet. Wool is very strong   and long lasting. Since it is a natural fiber it is highly sustainable and   healthy. It has an innate ability to capture soil and other debris and make   the environment dust free. Wool also has a great affinity for dyes. Wool is   comparatively expensive and is consequently not very popular in the   market.

Rose tufted   rugs:

A unique type a tufted rugs is rose tufted rug. It is simply   beautiful and gives a refreshing look to the eye. It’s a pretty addition to   your home as an under the furniture floor covering. It can be placed under a   dining table, beside your study table, in the middle of your living room and   its unique petals will add a glorious fashionable essence to   it.