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“all about the prefinished hardwood

“all about the prefinished hardwood floor”

Hardwood   flooring is unquestionably attractive and a desired looked material when   appraising, purchasing or selling a property. For those who are looking to   renovate their present floors to hardwood will catch that there are many   choices to consider in their buying. Nowadays newer trend is fixing the   prefinished hardwood flooring. Its unique features make it an impeccable fit.   These Prefinished hardwood floor are made up of with patented acrylic   infusion process which makes them three times harder if it is compared with   the untreated hardwood floors from the same species additionally they are   stain resistance and superior scratch.


Prefinished hardwood floors with a few exceptions it is much alike   any other hardwood posing now for everyone from the factory each prefinished   board comes finished; they also are generally sloping on either all sides or   two. They are available in several of the similar lengths and widths as old   style hardwood, though longer further expensive and harder to find. The major   difference between traditional and prefinished hardwood flooring is in the   fixing and buying. When the floor is done, the two are very alike in   maintenance, shaped and appearance.

Prefinished hardwood   Floors

Factory applied finish floors are called the prefinished hardwood   flooring, they not only performs better over time but they are also more   suitable, easier and quicker to install. In a factory controlled environment   dyes and finish coverings are applied and dried to produce the highest   quality hardwood flooring. Great performance aluminum oxide urethane   coverings are implied to as many as seven passes of ultraviolet light to   antidote the urethane to the wood and reserve its color, thus creating an   exceptionally durable finish. By assessment, site finished floors normally   receive only two or three coats of polyurethane and then are permitted to   cure by air drying.

Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Species and   Grades

Same as conventional hardwood, prefinished hardwood floor are   available and offered in different grades made from different types of tree,   as well Price plays a significant role in it; those searching for exotic   hardwood for their floors will catch that it is easier and cheaper to find   these uncommon species unfinished. The prefinished hardwood flooring   available grades are the similar as those that relate to traditional   hardwood. Higher grades will look additional uniform and contain fewer knots.   Lower grades will have extra color variation. Greater grade boards are also   commonly accompanied by a longer guarantee.

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