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Remodelling bathrooms made easy

Remodelling bathrooms made easy

Our   bathroom speaks volumes about our thoughts on personal hygiene and personal   care. It is one of the most exclusive and unique spaces in our home. It is   never too late to remodel our bathroom, all we need is a good excuse to do   it. Along with that we need a good insight so as to have a clear picture in   our mind that how our new bathroom is going to be in appearance and what all   new accessories it will require which were missing initially.

Bathroom is one of the most used space in your entire house and it   should not go neglected. You can remodel bathroom by redoing the wall and   floor tiles. Ceramic tiles being water resistant are a perfect choice for   this purpose. Also they last for a rather long time period.  Ceramic   tiles come in variety of colours, print and patterns. 3-D printing on tiles   is a very popular trend these days. You can warm up the bathroom floor by   installing heated tile floor.

Another creative way to remodel bathroom is to replace the old   wash basin and bath tub with a new one. It is cheaper to replace the old set   rather than trying to restore it. A great variety of bathroom ware is   available in the name of reputed brands which would give your bathroom an   exquisite look. You can add a shower area by enclosing it in a shaded glass   area to have more privacy.

Redo the toilets to match the sink, tub and floor of the bathroom.   You can also replace the old faucets with new and trendier ones.

To give finishing touches you can work on the lighting, add a few   closed cabinets and a short curtain.