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The Beauty of a Real Christmas Tree

The Beauty of a Real Christmas Tree

It’s not something you want to do a few days before the big day   when you find out the Christmas tree you picked is almost empty on one side   or is dropping all of its needles.    Here are a few things to consider when choosing a tree to make sure   you get your money’s worth!

  • Is the tree wrapped in a   net?

Wrap a tree in a net can seriously damage the   branchesespecially if they have softer   needles.

Netting is also sometimes used by sellers to hide   flaws in treeslike an uneven shape or bare sides.

If you can, Avoid buying trees wrapped in   nets since there is too much uncertainty about what you are   buying.

If you can’t avoid this, make sure you unpack the   tree ASAPand try to get the details of the seller so that you   can complain if necessary.

  • What do the needles look   like?

When the needles look like on a tree pale, dry, or   withered, definitely don’t buy it!

If you are not sure Run your hand over a few   branches and check for needles – Most Christmas trees drop   some needles, but not in appreciable amounts.

You can even Lift the tree and gently tap it on the   ground to make sure not all of the needles fall   off.