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The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Desks: A
Sustainable and Stylish Choice

The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood Desks: A Sustainable and Stylish Choice

A desk made of reclaimed wood goes well with rustic, rural, shabby   chic or even modern decor.  The only   distinguishing feature of a desk made of reclaimed wood is the origin of the   materials.  The look of the desk itself   depends on the skills of the person making the desk.

However, it can be fun to emphasize the wood.  Barnwood, for example, has a distinctive   patina like no other.  When the wood is   reclaimed from a real barn, the surface can be smoothed and the weathered   paint preserved with a clear finish.    Other sources of scrap wood can be wooden pallets, any type of old   building, musical instruments like pianos, mill scraps, and construction site   scraps or defects.

Old wood is often in need.    It can have nail holes, knots or surfaces from previous projects.  This gives the wood surface character.  A light sanding brings out the grain   without removing the deeper dents and notches.  A little stain, followed by a clean finish,   makes a good work surface that has a lot more character than a normal wood   surface.

The desk itself can range from a simple rectangular table or an   L-shaped table to a well-designed desk with drawers for accessories or   files.  It could even include an   attractive stall above the desk.  With   the right type of reclamation, like an old piano or organ, the stall could   have a covered shelf or even a roll top for storage.  A clever carpenter can, with a little time   and ingenuity, turn all kinds of things into a desk.

With just a little thought, reclaimed wood can be turned into   something beautiful.  It’s the   eco-friendly choice.  Reclaiming wood   keeps it out of the landfill.  It shows   respect for the trees that were sacrificed to create the original wood.  Best of all, it’s an opportunity to create   a unique desk that is a unique product.    Whether the wood is reclaimed from a construction site, a demolished   structure, wooden pallets or from an old piano, chest of drawers or other   misappropriated piece of furniture, it gives the original materials a second   life.