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Exploring the History and Design of the
French Desk

Exploring the History and Design of the French Desk

When you think of a French desk, you may picture an elegant and luxurious piece of furniture that exudes sophistication and charm. Indeed, the French desk has a long and rich history dating back to the 17th century when it first gained popularity in France.

The French desk, also known as a bureau, is characterized by its ornate design and intricate detailing. It typically features a slant-top or flat top writing surface, drawers for storage, and sometimes a hutch or bookcase on top. The legs of a French desk are often cabriole, which curve outward in an elegant and graceful manner.

One of the most iconic styles of French desks is the Louis XV desk, which emerged during the reign of King Louis XV in the early 18th century. This style is characterized by its curvaceous lines, floral motifs, and richly carved detailing. Louis XV desks are often made from exotic woods such as mahogany or rosewood, and are adorned with ormolu mounts and marquetry inlays.

Another popular style of French desk is the Louis XVI desk, which emerged during the reign of King Louis XVI in the late 18th century. This style is known for its neoclassical influence, featuring straight lines, geometric shapes, and simple, elegant design. Louis XVI desks are typically made from lighter woods such as walnut or cherry, and are often embellished with delicate marquetry and painted motifs.

French desks have not only served as functional pieces of furniture for writing and storage, but have also been symbols of wealth and status. In the 18th and 19th centuries, owning a French desk was a sign of social standing and sophistication, with many pieces being commissioned by royalty and aristocracy.

Today, French desks continue to be prized for their timeless beauty and elegance. While antique French desks can be quite valuable and sought after by collectors, there are also many modern interpretations of this classic style available on the market.

Whether you prefer a Louis XV desk with its ornate detailing and curvaceous lines, or a Louis XVI desk with its sleek and understated design, the French desk is a timeless piece of furniture that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. Its rich history and intricate design make it a true masterpiece of French craftsmanship.


A French landing desk is more than a practical piece of furniture     for drawing documents, paying bills, or writing quick notes.  It’s a handsome indication of your fashion     sense and style.  While the wood tones     and features vary from unit to unit, almost all of them have one thing in     common: the beauty of the French provincial style.

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that will inspire and     motivate you to live the “French” way, check out one of the top 10     French desks listed below:

Thetford     desk

This two-drawer unit is a French desk with a modern twist and     allows you to easily convert any room into a workstation.  At 30.5 “H x 42.5” W x 23 “D     it may be small and compact, but it’s definitely wide enough for you to     comfortably write or work on your laptop with ease.

The practical pull-out drawers are useful for storing office     supplies and making sure that certain items are easily accessible.  The white patina of this French country     desk can bet that it will add the perfect finishing touch to your home office     interior.

French Quarter     desk

This is a French provincial desk that has a lot of     personality.  With its solid wood     construction, birch top and elegant silhouette, you can enjoy an office with     a sophisticated atmosphere with this masterpiece of a desk.  For that reason alone, it is difficult not     to press this buy button!

We’re not done yet, however, as the unit’s extra drawer makes it     the perfect vanity for your bedroom or bathroom!  Since it blends in well with almost any     traditional or classic interior, you won’t go wrong with this stylish,     versatile table.

Secretary Home Office     Desk

This French-style desk just screams opulence!  It is the perfect desk for you if you are     an old soul with a love for all beautiful things.  The hidden details, the high-quality solid     wood construction and the authentic metal handles give the desk the     personality that makes it a great statement.      There are even loads of drawers and cubbies to boot     into.

So before you come up with the best setting for your brand new     romance novel, first create your own perfect work environment with this     stately French-style desk.  It measures     41 “W x 23” D x 42 “H and comes with easy-to-follow     instructions for quick assembly.

Art Deco French     desk

This stunning Angelette desk by Willa Arlo Interiors is     undoubtedly a real eye-catcher!  The     wooden frame and the mirror plates in combination with subtle details in     silver give every room a touch of elegance and Art Deco     style.

Since this piece is versatile, you can use it as a new dressing     table.  With its mid-century modern and     Art Deco vibe, it definitely cannot be said that it is a piece of furniture     that represents style, fashion and taste.      Just like the styles that inspired this table, it will continue to be     trendy and regal for years to come.

Pinkerton     desk

If you need a workstation, get this French-inspired Pinkerton desk     from Lark Manor.  We can recommend this     option to practically everyone as it has a simple and functional design that     keeps the user focused on each task.

This home office part was made of real rubber wood and provided     with silver pulls for the drawer.  It     features sculptural legs, a solid color finish, and clean lines that go well     with any interior space.

This French desk is more than just shape or style.  It emphasizes usefulness as it provides     storage space for storing files and writing accessories.  Let this table be the focal point for your     creative onslaught.

Rogero     French Provincial Writing Desk

Serene style, cool sophistication and a restrained authority come     from this French desk, a creation by Wholesale Interiors.  From afar, you already know that this is a     stylish writing or work surface, made from both real and manufactured wood,     with carefully carved, fluted legs, white lacquer, and a weathered oak     top.

Every single detail of this desk, including the rustic iron     handle, has been carefully considered to give it its worthy appeal.  In addition, the drawer offers sufficient     space for storing devices and office supplies.

You can also use the space to store papers, files, and pens if     your technique or style is more conventional.      If there’s a desk that easily fits into a classic farmhouse or     traditional home, this is it.

Geernium 2 drawer     desk

The calming balance and symmetry flow into your space from the     design of this French desk.  It might     just be a piece of furniture for you, but it can add a luxurious touch to     your home office, inspired by the coveted Old World style.

This desk features white striped natural veneer, a Mindi wood top     and two spacious drawers to keep your workstation neat and organized.  The gently worn finish of the Geernium 2     gives it a vintage, heirloom-like character that makes the piece suitable for     your traditionally designed home, shabby chic cottage or country     estate.

Since it is on the small side, measuring exactly 30.2 “H x     39.5” W x 19.75 “D, it is a French desk designed for home use     only.

Andrey desk

With the French provincial influence, the Beachcrest Home Audrey     desk is both beautiful and practical.      The extraordinary details in addition to the soft finish illustrate     the European character of the piece and allow it to be adapted to a wide     variety of home or living room furniture.

Whether you want to check off tasks from your daily to-do lists or     express your thoughts in your journal, the Audrey desk makes it simple, chic     and elegant.  The storage compartments     also keep your pens and paper blocks close at hand in case you develop new     concepts and ideas.  At 30 “H x     42” W x 24 “D, it’s the perfect solution for small     spaces.

Kaitlyn desk

You will be amazed by the ingenious design, the vintage-inspired     silhouette and the minimalist ambience of this French desk.  It’s a desk with a generous surface area     that provides space for writing and working, while the drawers sit on metal     slides for easy access rather than just storage and     organization.

Made from a combination of metal and wood, this desk features a     tubular frame, dark tobacco and industrial gray surfaces, and a sturdy worktop.  Write, analyze data, edit, whatever you do,     get it done in style with this masterpiece by Trent Austin Design.  In fact, it looks as incredible in your     entrance or hallway as it does in your work area!

Poynor desk

To do your best, it is important that you have a spacious area to     put your thoughts on paper.  With the     Poynor desk you have a workstation with a solid oak surface and a metal     frame.  You can remember the traditional     wealth and industrial practicality.  

It even comes with a keyboard tray that has plenty of room for     your keywords, pens, and supplies, in addition to having the technology     always there when you need to work.      When you’re resting between projects, the metal bar under your new     desk invites you to finally put your feet up.      This French desk is definitely functional, fashionable, and able to     bring everyday style to your home.  

Buying     Tips: How to Pick the Right French Desk


To make sure you are picking the correct French style desk from     the list you just checked out, consider the person who will be using the     piece.  If you want to give your     daughter one for her rather small workspace, you want the desk that fits into     the room without taking up too much space.

On the other hand, you may need a desk inspired by France to add     substantial character to an otherwise empty space.  If so, then get hold of the device that has     the greatest impact on the space, like the French Quarter Writing Desk or the     L ‘Escritoire Secretary Home Office Desk, which also have ample storage space     to keep bills in while they are being processed waiting for you to fix them.    


French desks can have a more traditional or more contemporary     feel.  Which do you think is best for     your space?  Solid wood with a smooth     surface to emphasize the grain is usually best for classic / traditional spaces.  If that’s not what you want, you might want     the updated version of a French provincial desk like the Thetford Writing     Desk or the Andrey Writing Desk.  

Regardless of which style you’re interested in, whether     specialized, space-saving, contemporary, rustic or classic, make sure your     desk matches your decor.  


While the main role of a French desk is to provide you with a     comfortable place to sit and work on a task, it has a secondary purpose of     providing you with storage space for office supplies.  There is no standard number of storage     compartments for desks.  So your     decision depends on how much storage you need.

Some French desks, like the L ‘Escritoire Secretary Home Office     Desk, have shelves, shelves, and drawers for each of your storage needs.  There are also units with designs that are     specifically designed to give you a work surface.

When you need constant or quick access to materials necessary to     get your work done, such as:  For     example, pencils, pads of paper, and folders, you’ll need at least one drawer     on your desk.  However, you need to     make sure that the slots added to your device do not encroach on your work     area.  The best desk with storage space     still offers plenty of writing / work space.


Price is one of the important things to keep in mind when     purchasing a French desk.  You can save     money by purchasing a ready-to-assemble desk (RTA).  Although DIY assembly is required, the RTA     units listed above can be set up in less than an hour so you don’t have to     worry.

To ensure your RTA desk will last longer, glue the sides of the     desk together while you secure the screws.      This technique ensures you have the most durable and stable desk     available.  You don’t have to glue     anything with pre-assembled desks.      However, it is worth adding reinforcements, especially if you have     children who have a tendency to climb on pieces of furniture.