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Reasons to choose walnut floors

Reasons to choose walnut floors

Walnut   is a type of wood which is known for its beauty and durability, and as a   result, walnut floors are highly preferred by homeowners. Apart from the   beauty and durability, walnut floors also carry a number of other advantages   that make it a far superior choice when compared to other flooring option.   This article will talk about some of the most amazing benefits of walnut   floors.

Benefits of Walnut   Floors


While walnut wood is only available in two different varieties,   American Walnut and Brazilian Walnut, their texture makes all the difference.   While American walnut floors are tough and dense, Brazilian walnut carries an   increased amount of contrast in its light and dark colors. American walnut is   very dark in color, just like cocoa but the color can slightly vary based on   the manufacturing process. Brazilian walnut on the hand has more grain and is   known for its temperature resistance.


One of the most important advantages of walnut floors is that they   require minimum cleaning and maintenance. They do not need wax or sealants   and a light layer of oil does an excellent job of infusing a new life in its   appearance. Moreover, walnut floors are water-resistant. No matter if there   is a spillage or you want to mop the floor with water, your walnut floor will   not be damaged in any way due to moisture. Generally, light brooming or   vacuuming on a regular basis is enough to maintain its   appearance.


As compared to many other types of flooring options, walnut floors   are very easy to install. They are available in the form of planks and you   can purchase them in bulk. Installation instructions are also generally   included. They can be usually installed by simply placing them together.   However, even though the installation process is simple, it is recommended   that you should hire a professional for its installation. While every owner   wants to save some money, not hiring a professional and getting wrong result   on your own is not the correct way to save money.


Not just walnut floors, but any kind of hardwood floor is an   environment-friendly choice. They are renewable and the carbon footprint that   they leave is also very small when compared to many other flooring options.   Moreover, walnut floors are also hypoallergenic. This makes them a perfect   choice for people who suffer from dust-related allergies and for homes that   have small kids.

If you are thinking about replacing your current floors with a   durable and attractive flooring, walnut floors are the way to   go.