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Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Planters

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Planters

The correct size of the planters is very important as it can seriously affect the health of your plants.  You need a pot large enough to comfortably house your plants.  Otherwise, there is a risk that your plant’s growth will be affected.  However, it can’t be too big either, as this increases the likelihood of root rot and poor soil as the soil doesn’t dry out quickly enough.

  • When choosing a planter, measure the diameter of the roots of your plant and the planter itself. You have to Choose a planter with a diameter that is at least 1.5 times larger than your plant’s root diameter.

  • For example If the diameter of your plant’s roots is about 4 inches, you’ll need a planter that is at least 6 inches in diameter.

  • Your plant will almost definitely grow out of its current planter, so will you have to be prepared to pot it again at some point.

  • If it is a slow growing plant, you only need to enlarge 1 inch or 2 inches in diameter, but if your Plant grows at a fairly rapid rate, you need to increase in size by 2 inches to 4 inches every time.

  • For more stationary planters like raised beds, you will have to plan a little ahead – Calculate the rough diameter of each plant, then leave at least as much space between the plants, more if they are growing quickly.

  • For example, If your plants are 2 inches in diameter, leave at least 2 inches in the raised bed between each plant.  This allows them to grow safely without invading each other’s trunk space.

  • If you are growing plants with shallow rootsAs with vegetables, you can get away with a fairly short raised bed of only about roughly 10 inches in height.

  • If you are Worry about rodents getting to your plants, invest in a raised bed that is at least 18 inches high – Things like mice or rabbits cannot easily reach your plants and will soon give up trying.

  • To the elderly or people with back problemsIt is recommended to get raised beds that are at least 22 cm high.  This higher height prevents you from bending down too far in the garden, which reduces the risk of back pain.