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Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Mickey Mouse Tree Topper

Almost everyone on the planet knows Disney.  It’s a brand that’s synonymous with   something magical and inspiring.  In   the heart of Disney is the legendary Mickey Mouse.

Why not bring Mickey Mouse home for the upcoming holidays?  Who doesn’t want happy inspiration?  While you’re at it, put Mickey Mouse where   it’s easy to see, and that’s on top of your Christmas tree.

Of course, you have to get one first.  To help you with this, this article   features six of the best Mickey Mouse treetops right now.

Disney’s   Timeless Holiday Treasures Tree Topper

This Mickey Mouse tree topper is perhaps one of the most   eye-catching ones.  It contains a lot   of interesting elements that can only fascinate viewers.

The tree canopy has two main aspects.  First there is a large eight-pointed star   attached to the top of the Christmas tree.    Then there is Mickey Mouse happily riding Santa’s sleigh.  Of course, the sleigh is pulled by   reindeer, and Pluto leads the pack.    The two elements are connected by a gold-colored wire with Tinkerbell   in the middle.  Every part of the   product is finely finished by master craftsmen.

But that’s not all.  When   you turn on the topper things get really exciting.  The big star shines bright and warm.  Then Mickey Mouse’s sleigh begins to spin   slowly around the circle.  It is really   a sight to see.

Mickey   Mouse treetop with bendable arms

Nothing is more adorable than Mickey Mouse wearing a Santa suit   holding treats for all the little good boys and girls.

In addition, this product is officially licensed.  So you can be sure that you are not buying   a copycat from a hole-in-a-wall workshop.    Since this is an official Disney item, everything is made from high   quality materials and crafted with attention to detail.

Another exciting feature of the product is the bendable arms.  This means that you can position Mickey   Mouse’s arms in any pose you want.  You   can let your own creativity flow into this.

The product is also versatile.    While it is marketed as the treetop, you can just remove the fastening   mechanism and it will work as a freestanding decor.  The item stands are about ten inches tall   and just the right height for a small to medium-sized Christmas tree.  

Disney   Mickey Mouse Happy Holidays Glass Ornament & Tree Topper   Set

Most tree tops come with a single product.  If such offers are a bit boring for you,   you will receive one with several articles.    With a package that contains five items, this is one of the best deals   around.

The package includes a tree crown and four hanging ornaments.  The treetop is red with some glitter in   green and white.  The hanging   decorations are available in clear, red and green.  Each ornament has its own pattern and   style.  Of course, each item has the   recognizable Mickey Mouse logo in one way or another.  Just looking at the products reveals the   feeling of festive happiness.

Another important thing to mention is the primary material.  While other tree tops are made of fabric   and foam, this product is made of glass.    One can assume that glass is the more luxurious material.  

Mickey and   Minnie Mouse Christmas Tree Topper

If you think it’s not right for Mickey Mouse to be hanging out   alone on top of your Christmas tree, then you will probably love this   item.  With this piece, both Mickey   Mouse and Minnie Mouse sit side by side.    The two are happy and inspire everyone to be the same.

The item was also designed to emphasize the legendary duo as they   sit in a relatively large green ring.    In addition, the ring is decorated with balls of different   colors.  The entire setup draws your   guest’s attention and focuses on the stars of the show.

There is a large red pole at the bottom of the ring that will fit   on your Christmas tree.

With Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, the product design and the   festive bright colors, it’s a treetop that is hard to miss.

Mickey Mouse   animated tree cover

This treetop is perfect for buyers who find the immovable decors   too boring.  The Mickey Mouse in this   article has a lot going for it, and this section covers some of the most   important ones.

The item features Mickey Mouse in a Santa suit.  He also carries a bag of presents for   everyone.  He’s holding onto a pole on   the one hand, and a lantern on the other.    The pole is gold-colored and is attached to the top of the Christmas   tree.

Now for the exciting part.    This Mickey Mouse will be animated when you turn it on.  He swings the lantern up and down as he   turns his head back and forth.  With a   big grin on your face, it’s hard not to smile when you’re watching the whole   sequence.

The product is 12 cm tall.    Hence, it is a remarkable addition to your Christmas tree.  

Mickey and   Minnie Mouse Light-Up Tree Topper

The appearance of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse has changed   slightly over the years.  While the   newer versions have a modern feel, there are people who find the older   versions more attractive.  If you are   one of them, this Mickey Mouse tree topper might be for you.

The article shows Mickey Mouse sitting on a classic-looking red   globe ornament.  He would feel lonely   if he were all alone, so Minnie Mouse goes along with it.

The green cone holds the red ball at one end while the other end   is attached to the Christmas tree.

To spice things up even further, this article has one more   surprise.  When you “switch   on” the setup, the red globe ornament starts to glow.  It’s an item that is eye-catching and at   the same time heartwarming and nostalgic.